How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1401?

Hello, my canon printer are showing error code 1401 when i am printing. I have no idea about how to fix Canon printer error code 1401. Please give me any solution.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1401:

The Canon Printer Error Code 1401 occurs when the printer machine is not able to recognize one or all the cartridges installed in the machine. These Canon error 1401 show up in the form of messages such as “Fine cartridge isn’t installed” for 1401 or fine cartridge isn’t installed in a proper manner for 1687 message.

Although, many of the messages stating Canon fine cartridge does not mean that a user is using the actual cartridges of Canon installed in the machine. Moreover, the users can make use of the cartridges which are remanufactured and accurately refilled. So, here we are available with a solution using which you can fix the problem of Canon printer error code 1401.

Steps to Solve the Issue of Canon Printer Error Code 1401:

Step 1: Please Make Sure that you have Installed Colored and Black Cartridges Properly

First of all, switch on your printer and then take out the cartridges to ensure that each of them is installed in a proper way. In order to print all the documents in a proper way, you will require both the colored and black cartridges.

Step 2: Check the Cartridge Codes of the Printer

It is important for the user to properly install the cartridges to get rid of Canon error 1401. They also need to ensure that it is properly carrying the codes of the machine for the colored cartridge. The code accuracy is dependent on the particular model of the printer.

Step 3: Clean the Contacts

Printer contacts are very important to have a communication with the printer cartridge that is made up of the metallic contacts. It is placed on the strip to the front of the cartridge. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to clean the parts that are damaged.

Step 4: Remove All the Ink Cartridges Which are Defective

If you are still not able to recognize the printer, then in that case the cartridge is defective and it has to be replaced on an immediate basis. Your problem of Canon Printer Error Code 1401 will get resolved after replacing the ink cartridges which are defective.

Step 5: Clean the Contacts Inside the Printer

If the Canon support code 1401 error is still not removed, then in that case then you need to clean all the contacts within the printer in a manner similar to the cleaning of cartridge contacts.

We hope that after reading this article, your problem of Canon Printer Error Code 1401 gets resolved quickly.


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Clearing the Canon Check Ink 1401, 1687, and 1485 Error Messages:

Canon printer is a high-performing printing machine that is capable of addressing all your printing needs but you may occasionally witness your Canon printer giving out Canon 1401 Error messages requiring you to find fixes for the Canon Support Code 1401 errors.

Ideally, the Canon 1401 Error simply implies that Fine Cartridge on your Canon printer is not installed which can be fixed when you attempt to follow either of the ways elaborately discussed that are truly meant to fix the Canon Support Code 1401 error.

1 - You should Make Sure that you have Installed Both Color and Black Ink Cartridges

The first thing that can be done to fix the Canon Support Code 1401 error is that you should affix and install both kinds of Canon printer cartridges into your Canon Printer even if you wish to have black and white printouts only and are not willing to extract color printouts from your Canon printer.

2 - Ensuring that You Insert the Cartridges that Match with Appropriate Codes

Another very suitable way of fixing the Canon 1401 Error is perhaps inserting the Canon printer cartridge that closely matches specific cartridge codes. In an ideal scenario, when you are about to affix a black cartridge it should have codes in the likes of PG-540, PG-540XL, PG-545, or PG-545XL.

As regards attaching a color cartridge into the Color Cartridge slot of your Canon printer, you must make sure that it bears either of the codes like CL-541, CL-541XL, CL-546, or CL-546XL.

3 - Make Sure that the Contacts of Your Canon Cartridge are Clean

The media that facilitates communication between your Canon printer and its cartridge is a collective set of metallic plates that are pretty much visible on the forefront of the cartridge.

Many a time this connecting metallic plate known as Cartridge Contact may be dirty which indeed may be hindering the recognition of the cartridge by your Canon printer and thus may be causing the Canon Support Code 1401 error which can readily be fixed when you clean the same using tissue paper made of some non-fibrous material.

4 - You must also Clean the Contacts within Your Canon Printer

Another prime cause of the Canon 1401 Error may be the presence of rough patches or lumps of dirt residing on the Contacts within your Canon printer which ought to be cleaned in the same manner as discussed in the preceding method.

But, please make sure that while cleaning the Contacts within your Canon printer you don’t leave any bits of tissue paper inside your Canon printer. 

5 - You must Prefer Replacing the Canon Printer Cartridge that is Defective

If your Canon printer still has issues recognizing the cartridge then it may be an indication that your Canon printer cartridge may have become defective which warrants that you replace it with an original used or new Canon cartridge which in all likelihood will help you fix the Canon 1401 Error.



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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1401?

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