How to Fix Epson XP 830 Printer?

1. How do I change the default name of a printer such that when the computer searches for printers on the network THAT NEW NAME SHOWS up instead of Epson XP-830 so that when own TWO or More of theses crappy printers I can tell which is which. I changed the name on the network menu but that name does not show on the search list. 2. One printer installed such that I can use "find the printer.," the other printer same (*&)*(& model installed without this feature. How do I fix that. I have had these printers for more than 3 years and I have to reinstall the software on all our computers every 6 months. 3.Why is it after installing the printer fresh with the USB cable connected directly to the printer DID THE PRINTER (WHICH WAS PRINTING POORLY AND NEEDING A 'HEAD' CLEAN,' WHICH I HAD NOT DONE YET) ALL OF A (*&)*(*)SUDDEN PRINT FINE? THAT ODD!!!! I HAVE TO CLEAN THE HEADS EVERY WEEK AND USE MORE INK CLEANING THE HEADS THAN PRINTING DOCUMENTS.

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Fix Epson XP 830 Printer Problems:

If you are looking forward to knowing how you can Fix Epson XP 830 Printer problem, then you have visited the right page as here you will find a solution to your problem. Mentioned below are some of the steps that you must follow for resolving this issue.

Select Wireless Network Settings by Going to the Control Panel-

You can use your product control panel for making changes in the wireless network settings. For installing the necessary software on your network, these are some of the important steps that you are required to follow.

You must keep in mind that repairing or breaking down the product can lead to the loss of settings, network data and fax. Epson printer will not be responsible for recovering or backing up the data at the time of or after completion of the warranty period. It is recommended for you to create a backup of your data, settings and network data.

Step 1: Press on the button of home if required.

Step 2: Select setup and then choose network settings.

Step 3: Choose the Wi-Fi setup.

Step 4: After that, you need to choose the Wi-Fi setup wizard.

Note: If you wish to disable your wireless network for setting up a product on your ethernet network, then you need to go down and then disable the Wireless network. After that, follow the instructions in order to use a wired connection.

Step 5: Select and enter the name of your wireless network manually.

Note: For entering the name of your wireless network manually, you need to go down and then choose other networks. Use the on-screen keyboard for entering the name of your network.

Step 6: After that, enter the name of your Wi-Fi password by using the keypad shown on the screen.

Note: It is important for you to keep in mind that this information is case sensitive.


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