How to Fix HP 6835 Printhead Error?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix HP printer 6835 printhead error. I am facing these issue while printing on HP printer. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Fix HP 6835 Printhead Error:

HP is one of the leading and renowned laptop and printer manufacturing companies. With a huge catalog in the categories of laptops and printers, HP can serve all your needs and aspirations. You can easily list down your needs and daily chores for which you are planning to get a laptop or printer. Head to HP’s website or nearest store and you will be able to find the correct gadget for your needs. 

Now printers are very sensitive and can get stuck or stop working if not handled properly. Often the issue that arises is due to cartridges, the print head, or the fact that paper isn’t loaded properly in the paper tray.

Before getting into technicalities you can try fixing the above issues to see if it starts working. Even if the above issues do not resolve and the printer does not start working you can try re-installing the printer driver to see if there is an issue with the driver. It is easy to uninstall and then reinstall the driver 

The last thing that you could check is the printer head. The printer head is where you can see that your cartridges are fixed or inserted. There could be various reasons due to which the HP 6835 Printhead Error could start showing. One of the reasons could be that your printer has stopped recognizing the printer head. Or the ink could get accumulated which could prevent the printer to come in contact with the printer head. 

To troubleshoot and fix HP 6835 Printhead Error, you can try any of the following methods. 

1. Method 1:

Try a hard reset to fix HP 6835 Printhead Error. To do a reset you can disconnect the printer from the wall socket and keep pressing the power button continuously for about 60 seconds. This will put your printer in a reset mode. 

Connect back your printer and take out a status report of your printer. To print its status report you can go to Set up First, then to Report/Tools, and then Printer Report Status. From this section, you can get the status report. 

2. Method 2:

Here’s a second method you can try if the first one doesn’t work. For this, you need to take out your printer cartridges and clean the golden-metallic contact points it has at its bottom. Use a paper towel to clean it and then try inserting it back again. Now you can get the printer’s status report and see if it’s working. 

3. Method 3:

You can try this method if the above two methods fail to work for you. In this method, you need to change the cartridges. To remove the cartridges open the cover using a screwdriver. Now unplug the printer and search for the location of a plastic tape.

Remove the cables carefully by slightly tilting the assembly. Clean the print head and follow back the steps to put in the new cartridges. Turn the power On and your print head should be up and about.

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