How to Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer?

I have used HP printer for 2month and It work fine but suddenly I have faced PCL XL Error and I have no idea to resolve this error.I have already restart my printer several times but unavailable to solve it .So can anyone give me suggestion for how to fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer.

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Answer - 1

Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer

PCL XL Error on HP Printer often takes place while printing (especially for the HP LaserJet printers). If such is the case for you too, then here’s a perfect guide to help you sail through!

What do We Mean by PCL XL Error?

This error often occurs when multiple documents are sent for printing. This is an issue of your printer driver corruption. Moreover, printing settings can even cause this glitch sometimes.

Given below is a list of things that you can do to help solve the PCL XL error. Select the most suitable option and let go of the rest.

Change the Names of the Files Related to Your Printer

This one’s a trick method. Try this one out as an initial step for solving the PCL XL error on your HP printer. The steps to do the same are as follows.

  • Open File Explorer on your PC.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3.
  • Filter the file type under this folder with the .gpd extension by clicking the down arrow next to Type.
  • Select GPD file.
  • Rename all these files with a .gpd extension. Although, back up the files before renaming them.
  • Save the following changes and restart your PC.

Try printing now. If the error persists, then read the following points to help your cause.

1. Try Updating your HP Printer Driver

Printer malfunction due to obsolete or missing printer driver might cause PCL XL error on your HP printers. To help improve this, try updating your printer driver.

You can either do the same manually or automatically.

Manually Update Drivers- Try downloading the latest version of your drivers from manufacturers to manually update your printer driver and installing it on your computer. This further requires you to have enough time and the required computer skills.

Automatically Update Drivers- For all of us who lack patience, this glitch can easily be solved automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy readily recognizes your system and finds suitable drivers for the same. You practically don’t even need to know anything about your computer system or even risk downloading and installing the wrong driver.

Update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. The Pro version takes just 2 clicks (with good support and a full 30-day money-back guarantee).

  • Download and then install Driver Easy.
  • Run the same and then click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy then scans and detects the problems in your PC.
  • Then click on the Update button next to your device to automatically download the latest drivers.
  • Or, you can even click on Update All. This will automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that aren’t in your system or aren’t up to date.
  • Restart your computer to see the changes.

Use your printer to print again. Still no luck? Well, read further to help yourselves.

2. Change Your Printing Settings

You never know if it’s your printer configurations that are causing all the problems. If such is the case, then you can change the printing parameters to fix your PCL XL Error.

Scroll through, know more-

  • Open Control Panel on your PC. You can choose to view by large icons or small icons.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on your troublesome printer, and select Printing Preferences.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Change TrueType Font to Download as Soft Font and set Send True Type as Bitmap to Enabled.
  • Click on Apply and Ok to save changes.
  • Restart your PC and your printer as well.

Check if the PCL XL error on your HP printer gets solved or not.


Well, these are all the possible solutions for your PCL XL error in your printer. Hope to have helped most likely!

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Answer - 2

Follow These Steps to Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer -

1. First of all, you have to open the Windows Charms bar. For this, move the mouse cursor to the to the top – right corner of the screen and then slide it down. After that, you have to choose the option “Settings”.

2. Then tap on Control Panel > View Devices and Printers.

3. Next, press right click on your HP printer’s icon and then choose “Printing Preferences”. On the other hand, if you are using a touchscreen device then touch and hold the icon until the context menu appears on the screen. After that, choose “Printing Preferences”.

4. Now, open the Advanced tab. Once you do that, set the Print Data Optimization option to “Optimize for Text and Vector”. Then apply the overall changes.

5. Finally, test your new settings. For this, print a document. If your HP printer prints the document properly then everything is OK.

6. On the other hand, if your HP Printer fails to print document then power off your printer and restart it after some time. Now, check if it is printing properly or not. If still, you are facing some sort of difficulty then approach HP Printer to receive the appropriate and long-lasting answers.

Hopefully, You understand that fix PCL XL error on HP printer. In case you have any queries and problem please share with us. Printer experts will provide the best solution for your printer related problems.

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