How to Fix HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix HP printer cannot connect to Web Services. I am facing some issue while connecting to web services. Help me.

Fix HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services:

As we know, the HP printer is the most popular brand in this era. HP printer is the most usable device for printing documents. It is not only used for printing high-quality text and graphics. But now it’s also an expert in scanning images, send faxes, photocopying documents and even connect wirelessly to your router or web services.

Wireless is better than wired or USB connection but there are various instances if your HP printer cannot connect to web services when you try to connect it the first time. But sometimes the HP printer cannot connect to web services so in that case, we suggest you go to at once.

Here, you will get several resolutions for clearing out your problems of HP printer could not connect to web services.

HP printers allow users to print from a location by accessing the internet. When the HP printer not able to print and not able to connect with web services then you will find the given error messages.

Server connection error: Problem while connecting to the server. Just pressRetry”, or OK to exit.

Server connection error: Not able to connect to web services. Simply confirm Internet access and try again.

Web services problem: Facing problem at the time connecting to web services server.

Apply the Following Steps to Troubleshoot Web Services Connection Issue:

Step 1 : Make sure the HP printer which you are using supports web services by checking on the printer’s control panel.

Step 2 : Search your wired or wireless connection are working perfectly and the printer is correctly connected.

Step 3 : Reboot the computer, printer, and router all at once, sometimes this helps to fix all issues.

Step 4 : Power on the web service by using printer EWS might resolve communication errors with the printer.

Step 5 : Search the Internet proxy server settings that it matches with printer EWS.

Step 6 : Through updating hp printer firmware regularly with the recent updates might resolve this issue.

Step 7 : Upgrade the router firmware, as outdated one can affect the performance, security or stops router to connect with the internet.

What Should Do if the HP Printer Won’t Connect to the Web Services?

1. Check the Printer’s Connection

First of all, check that the printer is certainly connected to HP Web Services. Note that the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services when plugged in with a USB cable. Users may check the printer’s connection status through opening a Wireless Network or Settings menu on its LCD.

Then users should see a solid, blue wireless icon light that highlights a printer is connected. Users will need to connect the HP printer with Web Services if they can’t see that light.

2. Restart the Printer, Router, and PC

  1. Restarting the router, printer, and PC can fix connectivity issues. First of all, switch off and remove wired from the router.
  2. Then switch off the HP printer.
  3. Shut down the desktop or laptop.
  4. Connect the router back in, and turn it on.
  5. Switch the printer back on.
  6. Then boot up the desktop or laptop.

3. Turn on Web Services from the Printer’s Embedded Web Server Webpage

Users can find their printer manuals for more specific details on how to print a Network Configuration Page. Then follow the steps below when you’ve printed that page.

  1. Open a web browser in Windows.
  2. Then enter the URL for the Embedded Web Server listed on the Network Configuration Page in the browser’s URL bar. That URL takes the form of a number and might be something like
  3. Then click a Web Services Tab on the EWS page that opens.
  4. Press and stay, Activate, or switch on button on the Web Services tab. Then users can go through the Web Services setup wizard.

4. Adjust the DNS Settings for the HP Printer

Some users have confirmed they’ve fixed the HP printer unable to connect to server connection errors by changing the DNS server for the HP printer to Google’s IP address.

To do that, open the Embedded Web Server page as outlined above.

Then click Wireless on the left of the Network tab. Select the IPv4 tab, enter as the first DNS there, and click Apply.

Then users have configured the printer to utilize Google’s DNS instead of the router’s DNS server.



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How to Fix HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services?

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