How Do You Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door of HP Printer?

Hello, Please tell me how do i open the ink cartridge access door of hp printer. I am not able to open ink cartridge access door of hp printer. Please help me.

Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door of HP Printer :

If you wish to know how you can open ink cartridge access door, then you have clicked on the right link.

Mentioned below are some of the steps that you can follow in order to learn how you can open ink cartridge access door.

1) Remove All the Packaging Material:

Take out all the packaging material in which your printer is covered. Remove all the tapes and film covering over the machine.

2) Connect It to a Power Source

In the next step to open the ink cartridge access door, take the power wire of the printer and connect it to a power source. Now, switch on the printer by pressing the power button and then set preferences.

3) Ensure That the Lid is Shut

This is the most important step as you need to ensure that the lid of the scanner is closed.

4) Open the Access Door

Open access door of ink cartridge from any of the sides. It can be right or left. You can also use both hands. There is a proper section from where you need to lift the ink cartridge access door in the upwards direction. You are supposed to raise the door until you hear the sound of click. You will see a stopper that is placed at the end that will hold the ink access door.

5) Move Forward With the Installation Process

Now, you can move forward with the process of installing the ink cartridges. You can also take a look at the animation by going to the control panel.

We hope that the above solution can help you with the issue of how to open the ink cartridge access door.


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How Do You Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door of HP Printer?

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