How do I Get My HP Printer to Print PDF Files?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i get my hp printer to print pdf files. I am not able to print pdf files in hp printer. Help me.

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Answer - 1

HP Printer to Print PDF Files:

When you don't get your HP printer to print PDF files, you get frustrated. So let’s discuss the solution to the struggling problem, which comes during to print PDF files.

This type of problem generally comes when your HP printer is not connected with your system correctly, that’s why the driver printer has not received the command or there have been errors with software.

Find Below the Steps Which are Easy to Follow and Simple to Understand. With the Help of These Steps, You will be Able to Print PDF Files.

Step 1: Uninstall the Software and Then Install it Back:

  • Firstly, you need to download the newest version of Adobe Readers.
  • Now, open the windows and start menu and tap on all programs.

  • Click on Adobe reader from the drop-down menu, tap on uninstall the software.

  • If a message indicating user account control it shows on the screen, then tap on yes.
  • After uninstallation software, go ahead on the next step.
  • Once you finish the running program and windows, close all programs and web browsers and restart the system.
  • Go to the default browser and find the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and install it on your computer.

  • And now, try to print the original PDF file again.

Step 2. Changing the Default Program:

Make sure that the Acrobat Adobe Reader set as the default program to view PDF files.

Step 3. To Print the PDF Files Through HP Smart App:

It will only work for windows 10 version on the system. So, you can use this application in this case only. If yes then use the app of the HP printer to print PDF file.

  • Start the HP smart app from the windows store and install the app.

  • After installing this application the app automatically finds your printer. Now, connect with a single printer not with multiple printers then it shows you connected.
  • But, if it shows you multiple connectors then go to the printer icon and select your printer from the list.
  • Now in the HP smart app, click on the print file.
  • Find the PDF file, which you want to print.

  • Or if you want to any changes in your printing files such as paper size or output quality. Then go to the printing setting and do make the changes.

Step 4. Attempting Test with a Various PDF File:

It is to see if this issue occurs with particular PDF files or all PDF files. Or some other Technical problem.

  • Close the original PDF files and open them with a new PDF file for testing a printing file.
  • In the PDF file, select the print file from the list review the setting and print the file.
  • Ensure that your printer has 2 MB of RAM to print at the speed of 300 dpi and to print at the speed 600 dpi and the RAM should be 4-6 MB. Because some
  • PDF files are large and it takes a long time to process.

Step 5. To Print the PDF as an Image:

It gives the result fuzzy and blurry images so you can use this only in emergency need.

  • Tap on and open the original PDF files.
  • Click on the file and choose the print file for printing.
  • Then, it shows you a print window and there you can select the advanced.
  • Here you find the option of print as an image to choose. And do all other changes in their required need.
  • Tap on okay and print as image.

Step 6. Here are Other Things to Try:

If the above methods didn’t work and then you follow these steps. It will help for the HP printer to print PDF files.

  • You can change the name with the existing one. There is no special character accepted like # & * @ ().
  • Now, you can download the file again as a PDF file.
  • You can try with the wireless printer if the wired printer didn’t work.
  • Copied that PDF file in hard drive and print again.
  • System needs the space in hard disk to print the PDF files.
  • Now, you can close the other programs and windows on your system during printing files.

And none of them work then you can follow the HP customer service guidelines. It will help you out from the problem which comes into the HP printer to print PDF files.

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