How to Fix Paper Misfeed Errors in Dell Printers Device?

My Dell 1350cnw printer is refusing to print saying paper jam error code 075~100. I am 100% sure that there are no bits of paper caught inside the printer then why my Dell printer is insisting it has a jam issue or paper misfeed error. Please help me to resolve paper misfeed error in Dell Printer! Thanks!

Fix Paper Misfeed Errors in Dell Printer:

Fix Misfeed Jam (075~100 error) on Dell 1350cnw printer -

To Clear Misfeed Jam from the Dell Printer, You Need to Follow These Points -

  1. First of all, pull PSI in the outside direction and remove the jammed paper from the front of the printer ( if there exists).
  2. Next, you have to reinstall PSI in your Dell printer.
  3. In the next step, you have to remove communication cable, no matter it is a USB cable or network cable.
  4. Also, delete the previous printing jobs from the Print Queue by clicking on "Cancel All Document"s button (located on Operator Panel).
  5. Now, turn Dell printer power off. After turning off the printer, load the paper from the front side and verify that paper guides are touching the paper’s edges.
  6. Turn on Dell 1350cnw printer and print a settings page. To print a settings page, follow these points -
    • First a click of the Menu button.
    • After this, press down the arrow key until Report is highlighted.
    • Again press down arrow key until System Settings is highlighted.
    • If your Dell printer prints the Settings page properly then you should understand that your printer is working as designed.
  7. Now, reconnect the communication cable that you have unplugged earlier. After connecting communication cable, print a Windows Test Page.
  8. After printing, Windows Test page, re-try sending the original print job. If the print job is still failing then check the print properties.

I hope these steps will help you to resolve misfeed jam (075~100 error) on Dell 1350cnw printer. If you have any doubt or query, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will definitely help you.



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How to Fix Paper Misfeed Errors in Dell Printers Device?

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