How to Reset a Brother Toner Counter?

Please let me know that how to reset a Brother toner counter. I am facing some issues while trying to doing this. If anyone know then help me.

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Reset a Brother Toner Counter:

When you change a Brother toner cartridge or a comparable Brother toner cartridge, your printer may continue to display a warning message like 'toner low' or replace toner.'This article will show you how to Reset a Brother Toner Counter so that you may keep printing.

What is the Procedure for Resetting the Counter on My Brother Printer-

For various printer series, follow the steps below. The instructions for your Brother printer will differ depending on the series. These steps will reset your printer counter, allowing you to continue printing.

How to Reset a Brother DCP Printer Toner-

Step 1: Open the printer's front cover. “Replace toner” or “replace drum” should now appear on the printer.

Step 2: Then use the up or down arrows to move up or down.

Step 3: When the printer display shows 00, hit OK and close the front cover.

Step 4: The lesson of caution should now be evident. The printing process will be resumed.

How to Reset a Brother HL Printer Toner

Step 1: Remove the toner and drum from the printer by opening the front cover. To begin, press the START button.

Step 2: Replace the toner and drum in the printer.

Step 3: Close the front cover after pressing the START button twice.

Step 4: The message of warning should now be evident. The printing process will be resumed.

How to Reset a Brother MFC Printer Toner

Step 1: Press the CLEAR / BACK button on the printer's front cover after opening it.

Step 2: In this order, press the following keys on the keypad: *, 0 and finally 0.

Step 3: Close the front cover of the book.

Step 4: The message of warning should now be evident. The printing process will be resumed.

These several methods should clear your Brother printer counter, allowing you to start or continue printing as usual.

What is a Brother Printer's Toner Counter-

Toner counters are basic estimates on a printer that indicate when a toner needs to be replaced. Some laserjet printers are unable to read the toner directly and must rely on the page counter being reset when a fresh toner is loaded.

When the printer does not reset the toner, the toner level displayed is wrong for what is in the cartridge. Because Brother toners lack the ability to read toner, they are unable to deliver an accurate toner level unless the toner has been reset by the user.

The Brother printer will display an error if it does not recognise the cartridge as new. This could be due to faulty toner installation or chip recognition. When using a Brother toner, an error may occur before the actual toner cartridge has run out in some circumstances.

The notice "change toner" or something similar will appear on the Brother printer. On closer inspection, though, the toner will appear to be brand new. This can happen if the toner was not reset on the counter after the new cartridge installation, or if the tiny number of pages printed exceeds the built-in page counter estimates on the printer.

To fix this problem, simply reset your printer. This will clear the notice and allow you to resume printing. The most effective approach to determine if there are any mistakes or if the toner needs to be replaced. Is it better to print a black-and-white or a colour test page? This will show if your toner is low or if the quality has deteriorated. The printout of the colour test page will then indicate which toner(s) need to be replaced.

The simplest way to do this is to print a black and white or colour test page after installing your new Brother toner(s). This will demonstrate the improved quality of the full toners. To determine whether you need to replace your toner, print another test page. Keep in mind that all Brother toner print yields are based on an average coverage of 5%.

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