How to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson Printers?

Please let me know how to reset waste ink pad counter for Epson printers. I am facing some issues while printing. Help me.

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Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter For Epson Printers:

Users of Epson printers have complained that their machines abruptly stopped printing documents. Frequently, the topic of conversation is whether the ink waste pad is complete.

What Causes the Error Message to Show Up?

The waste pad works to absorb the excess ink while preventing dry ink from clogging the tiny holes within the print head. The printer's security feature disables printing when the waste pad fills up with too much ink.

The waste pad is only half full, despite the error message indicating otherwise, and does not require replacement. You'll have to Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson Printers, clean it, and change it to get rid of this error notice.

How can I Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson Printers?

Sometimes when the error message for an abruptly paused Epson printer will say that the waste pad is full, even though it is just roughly halfway full and just doesn't require replacement. The WIC utility from a third party can be utilized to resolve this. You will quickly have your printer operating correctly due to its simplicity and safety.

Step 1: To reset the waste pad, install the WIC utility. The files within the link provided are compatible with Epson models L110, L210, L300, L350, or L355.

Step 2: WinRar can be used to retrieve the archived files.

Step 3: To launch the tool and choose the Epson printer type, run the.exe file.

Step 4: Hit OK after choosing the printer model.

Step 5: Choose the Waste ink pad counter from the Maintenance area, then click OK.

Step 6: Please check the box next to the Main pad counter.

Step 7: Select "Check" from the menu.

Step 8: To restart the waste ink pad counter, choose the Initialization button.

We sincerely hope you found our brief tutorial on resetting the Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson models to be useful.

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