How to Reset HP Printer Password?

Hello, Please let me know that how to Reset HP Printer Password. I forget my password. Help me in this.

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How To Reset HP Printer Password? (With Easy Steps)

This is the most common issue that every user faces. Many users forget their HP Printer Password and they do not know how to reset it, thus, they look out for some easy steps that can resolve their issue. 

So, are you the one facing the same issue? Have you forgotten your HP Printer Password? Are you unable to reset the password? Are you looking for some quick steps that will solve your issue? Well then, here, in this blog, we’ll provide you with some quick and easy steps on How to reset your HP Printer Password. 

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Why is It Important to Reset HP Printer Password?

As per facts, every laptop or desktop system can get hacked by cyber criminals or intruders. Even you mobile phones are most vulnerable to get hacked. What if that same thing happens with your wireless HP printer?

Unfortunately, printer machines are not an exception as then can be hacked too. In actuality, printers get attacked more than what one can imagine. The fact is applicable to both office and home printers.

With the increasing number of printer attacks, various companies and organizations have been taking effective measures to safeguard their network, private data, and products. Though the solutions are not always successful.

Considering the critical aspect of the problem, a company can deploy their solution for use on laptop/desktop PCs and protect their printers from threats. But what measures can be applied for individual purposes? It is better to change or reset the password of your router.

This secures your printer from becoming easy targets to cyber criminals. So, the present scenario says that only 16% of respondents think that printer security is serious and all need to execute immediate actions for security breaches and data theft.

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Complete Steps to Reset HP Printer Password

Step 1: Launch the Home Screen of your HP printer.

Step 2: Secondly, click the Right Arrow and tap on the Setup Menu option.

Step 3: Now, you can enable and select the Network Submenu.

Step 4: Scroll down the screen and select the Restore Network Defaults option.

Step 5: Select the Yes button and start the password reset process.

Step 6: In the next step, you can restore the defaults now.

Step 7: In the Control Panel section and select the Devices and Printers option.

Step 8: Right-click and check options for your wireless HP printer.

Step 9: Click on Properties and choose the Password icon.

Step 10: Enter your desired new password twice and save the changes.

A success message is displayed that confirms that your printer wifi password has been changed successfully.

Undoubtedly, HP printers have so much popularity as now they are used by millions of people for printing purposes on a regular basis. Despite being an amazing product, there are chances when users face various difficulties with the HP printers. For instance, how to Reset HP Printer Password, how to setup wifi router and many other related technical glitches.

As a solution to help you out, you can follow the above instructions here and reset your HP wireless printer password. Likewise, you can change every wireless setting from the setup wizard of the printer. Remember, that you are selecting your network name before making any changes.

How to Find My HP Printer Wifi Password?

The wifi password is related to your wifi network, which can be connected to your printer. To figure out the wifi password for your printer, you need to do certain things. You can check the label on your router, manage the router settings, explore the wireless settings, and find the password in wireless settings, or you can also call the internet service provider.

After figuring out the password, make sure you type the exact password. You can now connect your HP printer to the wifi network.

What does HP Printer Default Password Mean?

Like every other device or machine, HP printers also have default login credentials. These details can be set as admin or may be blank for both username and password. So, you can try different combinations for these two fields.

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If none of them works, you can choose the options listed below. One out of these options will definitely allow you to access the printing machine. Here given are the ten feasible options that you can try for your HP printer login.

  • MGR / HPP187
  • Admin / admin
  • Admin / isee
  • Admin / !admin
  • Admin / password
  • None / none
  • Root / root
  • Admin /
  • Root / none

So, these were the most common combinations used for HP printer login.


Reading the manual that comes with the printer or gaining knowledge from the internet about the printer will help you with minor issues. Otherwise, you might have to call the customer support service to fix your problems, which can waste a lot of your time. 

FAQs of How To Reset HP Printer Password?

Q: How can You unlock Your HP printer if you forget your password? 

Ans: In case you have forgotten your password, you can unlock your HP printer by performing a full reset or by unlocking the control panel of your HP printer.

Q:How do I reset my HP wireless printer password? 

Ans: You can reset the HP wireless printer password with the help of HP support assistance, or you can also Factory reset your HP printer to set the password. If you are still not able to reset, then call Hp customer support service. 

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