How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printers?

I am using a Dell laser printer and 100% sure that it is compatible with Windows 7 OS. When Windows Update downloads the drivers for my printer, error arise during installation and because of this the overall installation gets fail. Because of this, I tried several times to install the driver but I get struck at the same spot. One more thing I have installed the drivers from Dell official website. My devices - Dell 1720 laser printer, windows 7 64 bit.

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Dell 1720 Printer Driver:

Hey Christ, there is no need to get worried if your Dell laser printer installation is getting fail again-n-again. Just check out this one of the easiest method to install Dell Laser printer on Windows 7.

Install Dell 1720 Printer in a Simple Way -

  1. First of all, remove all protective materials that are placed near your printer. After this, you have to remove the orange color tape from the exterior of your printer.
  2. After removing the tape, open the outlet tray of your printer to lift the scanning unit cover.
  3. Next, take a power cable for connecting your printer to the power supply. Then press the “ ON” button. You can also select your language from the operation panel. To switch off your printer, just press the same “ON” button. Now, you have to open the scanning unit cover and then put ink cartridge holder into their appropriate location. Then close the scanning unit.
  4. Switch on Dell printer by pressing ON button. After switching on, wait for a couple of moments so that your Dell printer can properly adjust cartridge.
  5. Next, for setting up Wireless LAN, first, you have to press Setup button and then move to printer’s operational panel.
  6. From the operational panel, you have to select the option “Easy setup” and then hit OK. After this, you have to choose “Access point”.
  7. On the operational panel, you have to insert WEP key and then hit OK.
  8. Insert the Dell printer installation disc into your system and the automatically AutoPlay screen will display on our computer’s screen. Hit Run. If due to any reason, the AutoPlay screen does not open on your system then move to CD-ROM folder and then tap on “openMSetup4.exe” application.
  9. On the pop-up window, select your location and then hit Next. Choose the option “Easy Install” and then tap on Install button. Now you are redirected to next window where you have to select “Use printer on Network” option. Then hit Next.
  10. Now, you have to wait for some time because Dell printer installation process will take some time. Once the installation complete, Printer Detection screen will display on your system’s screen.
  11. From the list of displayed printers, just choose your Dell printer and proceed to next step.
  12. After some time, printer setup completion window will appear on the screen, just click on the Complete button. Once the setup gets complete, you will see Printer Application menu.

Try this process and feel free to share your dell 1720 printer driver problems or queries, if you have any.

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