Need Help Connecting Printer Without CD/DVD Drive?

Hello, folks I am having a hard time setting up my Dell printer. I recently borrowed it from my sister since she was upgrading her. The problem here is she does not have the setup software CD which came along with it. I have no idea how to do it otherwise. Kindly help me out by giving simple instructions on how to setup my Dell printer without the CD.

Easy way to install Dell printer without Installation Disk -

  1. Before installing Dell printer, make sure your operating system has a proper internet connection. Now open your favourite web browser and then navigate to “Product Support – Printers” link.
  2. On displaying the webpage, you have to enter “Dell printer’s service tag” or “Express Service Code Number” under the Express Service Code heading or Service tag. After entering values, click on Submit button.
  3. If you are unable to find Express Service Number or Service tag then no need to get worried. Just click on the button that is next to “Automatically detect my Service tag for me” and then hit Continue. To authorize this detection process, just click on “Yes, I agree” button. To finish this detection process, you have to respond to all on-screen instructions step by step.
  4. From the drop-down menu and under the operating system heading, you have to choose your operating system, that you are using. To start the downloading process, just tap on “Downloaded file”.
  5. When you are prompted, click on Run. If you are using Google Chrome then you are prompted to save the downloading process. Save the downloaded file and then press double click on it to run the print driver installation wizard.
  6. In the next step, you have to remove the check-mark that is next to “Close this dialog box when download completes”. To unpack the printers drivers files, launch unzip utility. When all printer driver files get unpacked, you will get a confirmation message i.e., “All files are successfully unzipped”.
  7. To complete the print driver installation process, you have to follow onscreen prompts.
  8. When the Dell printer’s driver installation process gets complete, you have to reboot your operating system and reconnect everything. Once OS reboots,  get ready to enjoy printing with your Dell printer.
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Need Help Connecting Printer Without CD/DVD Drive?

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