Unable to Connect Printer to Laptop Over WiFi

I am having trouble in connecting my printer to my laptop over the wifi. My Windows computer is connected and working fine but no matter what, my laptop won't detect the printer at all. What is the issue here? Can anyone help?

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  • lay  Dec 17, 2020
Answer - 1

Fix Dell Laptop Unable to Connect to WiFi:

Let us troubleshoot the connectivity problems on your printer.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your Dell Laptop and go to 'Printer and Devices' > 'Printers'. On the Printers main page, you will notice the name of your printer listed there, Right-Click on it and select 'Troubleshoot Printer Problems'.

Step 2: your Dell Printer device will start the troubleshooting process and at the end list out the issues or downloads needed to be done. follow the on-screen instruction. In case the Windows can fix the problem with its resources, it will do that.

Step 3: In case the troubleshoot option did not resolve the issue, update the drivers on your device. At times these drivers responsible for communication between the two devices gets outdated or corrupt.

Step 4: Go to the official website - of your Printer and then click on Supports/driver downloads. Enter the model number of your Dell printer in the respective field and click on submit. A list of all the updated drivers will get listed, download all the necessary ones, and install it.

Step 5: If even after updating the drivers, the issues persist, chances are there might be some internal software conflict. for these kinds of issues, we recommend the user to reset their machine and reconfigure it.

Note: If you have Dell Printer V31W and don't know that how to connect printer with WiFi,  Printer Technical Support Forum provide instant solution directly from experts, if you have any kind of queries then contact us we will resolve it at the same time. 


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