How to Fix Samsung Printer Offline Problem?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Samsung printer offline problem. I am facing some issues while trying to print on this Samsung printer. Help me.

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  • lay  Apr 24, 2023
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Fix Samsung Printer Offline Problem:

It can be unpleasant to experience Samsung printer offline issues, particularly if you have a lot of duties to complete. You don't need to be concerned because we are here to assist you by offering various strategies to bring your Samsung printer offline problem. Here is a list of them:

Look Into the Internet Connection

You may occasionally get this offline status due to a poor internet connection. Ensure that the Samsung printer is linked to the same internet connection as the laptop or desktop and that it's operational.

Look For Paper Jams

It is best to clean the paper rollers because if the paper is stuck, it will display an offline status. Remove the paper rollers and unplug your Samsung printer from the main power supply. Wait for them to dry after gently cleaning them using a damp towel. After they have dried, put them into the printer and attempt a test print.

View the Printing Progress

Open the settings, select "Devices," then click "Devices and printers'' to view the printing status. Under the drop-down menu, pick "see what's printing" if it has a gray check mark next to it. Try printing a document after clicking the "set as default printer" button.

Samsung Printer Remains Inactive? Understand the Reason

If your Samsung printer keeps breaking down, try these fixes. Check to see if the printer is powered on or not. You may also make sure the USB cable is properly put into both ports by checking this. If the problem persists, you should purchase a new USB cable.


The printer may occasionally be turned offline, displaying this problem. To uninstall the Samsung printer, open the control panel, select "Devices and printers," and then click the "Uninstall" option. After checking the "Printer offline" option, uncheck it. You can reinstall the drivers or install the most recent version by going to the official website. 

Step 1: Due to wifi connectivity, the Samsung m2020 printer is not working.

Step 2: It is not a massive worry if your Samsung m2020 printer is not working because of wifi connectivity because the problem may be resolved with a few simple procedures. 

Step 3: To solve this problem, adhere to the advice given below:

Step 4: From the start menu, select device management. From there, select the network adapter. Check for any yellow marks there. 

Step 5: If the wireless adapter has a yellow highlight, use the right-click menu to uninstall it. 

Step 6: Download and install the most recent iteration of the Samsung printer-compatible wireless adapter driver. To obtain it, go to the official website. 

Step 7: You can link to the wifi network after restarting your laptop to allow it to resolve any minor issues.

Update the Drivers to Stop Your Samsung Printer From Going Down

The drivers serve as the system's and printer's interface; if they need to be updated or compatible, problems will undoubtedly arise.

You should use the following procedures for updating the drivers if your Samsung printer keeps going offline:

Step 1: Open the control panel on your laptop.

Step 2: Pick 'Hardware and Sound'.

Step 3: To view all the hardware attached to your laptop, open Windows, then locate the device manager tab. 

Step 4: You should download the most recent driver if the app displays a yellow indicator.

Step 5: You can access the manufacturer's official website by selecting "update driver software" after clicking the app through the yellow asterisk.

Step 6: Download the most recent version here.

Step 7: Once finished, double-click the file to extract it, then select the "run" option to install it.

Step 8: Printing will work now, and the problem with the Samsung printer being down will be resolved.

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