How to Fix Paper Jam Problem in Samsung Printer?

Hello, Please let me know about how to fix paper jam problem in samsung printer while printing. Whenever i am trying to print then facing paper jam problem.

Fix Paper Jam in Samsung Printer:

A false paper jam error message is usually indicated by the constant blinking of LED light on the panel of the printer machine. Here you will get basic help to tackle this issue quickly and carefully.

Below given are the steps to resolve Samsung printer keeps jamming issue. Remember that you are following all the steps for obtaining desired results depending on the brand and model of your printer machine.

Steps to Fix Paper Jam in Samsung Printer:

Step 1 : Check the paper capacity of your printer’s paper input tray is appropriate or not. This ensures that you are not overstuffing the paper input tray.

Step 2 : Always remember to use high-quality papers that fit your printer machine and is recommended by Samsung for your printer.

Step 3 : Always use dry papers for your printer machine.

Step 4 : Never keep printer paper in a humid environment as it damages the quality of papers and the papers can stick together causing problems while printing.

Step 5 : Ensure that the paper is properly loaded in a squared way inside the paper tray of the machine.

Step 6 : Do not use damaged or curled paper in the printer paper tray to lower the chances of a paper jam.

Step 7 : Configure the printer settings in accordance with the paper type and size you are using for printing.

Step 8 : Do not mix papers of varying sizes into each other. Try to use the same paper size while printing documents.

Step 9 : Printers dislike moisture so try placing it in a cool and dry place so that it doesn’t get damp.

Step 10 : Avoid using old paper as it is likely to have absorbed moisture.

Step 11 : Ensure that you are using the correct paper thickness for your printer. Usually, the Samsung printer paper is labeled clearly but if it’s too thin, or too thick, then you may get troubled with paper jams.

Step 12 : Avoid pulling the stuck paper out from the front cover as it may possibly cause damage to your printer. The other way is to pull it from the rear side of the printer or paper tray.

Step 13 : Next time before printing, examine the printer for any paper debris like old paper jams, torn paper, printing labels or other foreign objects in the printer that can lead to re-occurring jams issues.

Step 14 : In some case, you are unable to reach the paper debris, so use some tweezers to gently push out those. Tweezers help you to take out the ripped paper and to rotate the rollers until you have freed every little scrap of paper from the machine.

Step 15 : Sometimes it might require a firmware update or reinstalling the Samsung printer drivers.

Step 16 : Restart your Samsung printer again and cancel all the printing orders.

Step 17 : To check whether you are able your printer is flawlessly printing or not, you can print a test run prior to returning to your original document. Still, if it is faulty or not working effectively then it is recommended to contact a printer repair service.

How to Deal with Samsung Printer Paper Jam Inside Machine?

  • Paper jams might also result due to built up residue on printer nozzles or cartridges from dust particles. By following the Samsung printer instructions, you can clean the printer heads. Moreover, you can use some electronics dusting spray (after unplugging the machine) available in the market, routinely spray in and around the printer and wipe out the dust particles using a cloth to prevent cause to paper jams.
  • It is recommended that you use a microfiber absorbent cloth for your printer as it is extremely soft and likely leaves any residue behind especially in Samsung laser printers.
  • You can even clean the printer rollers by lifting up the flaps. For this special cleaning, wipes are available for this job that will hardly leave any residues. Keep wiping the rollers until they’re no longer leaving ink on the wipes.
  • After resolving the Samsung printer paper jam issues, you can unplug the printer device and restart it again for removing the paper jam error message.

Hoping that the discussed suggestions help you in fix Samsung printer paper jam. Just by avoiding these major causes, you can prevent misfeed error and other Samsung paper jam issues.

Although printer eases you in getting your every online task onto paper, yet there are many problems that surfaced while using printers. Samsung printer says paper jam but there is none, are the most frustrating ones. Samsung printer paper jam but no paper not only interrupt your printing process but also damage the delicate lining of the paper tray and other parts of the printer.



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How to Fix Paper Jam Problem in Samsung Printer?

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