Why My Dell Printer is Not Printing Properly?

I recently purchased Dell V515w printer. It was working properly but all of a sudden color ink cartridges are not printing. The cartridge was not empty but still, I replaced the cartridge with a new one. But still, the problem continues. I have unplugged it, aligned it and followed tons of troubleshooting instructions but nothing has worked.

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Dell Printer is Not Printing Properly -

  1. Go to the Start menu and then tap on Devices and Printers. Then tap on Dell V515w printer icon and choose the option “See what is printing”. Then press right-click on document waiting to be printed and choose the option “Resume”. If there does not exist the “Resume” option and “Pause” option is available then don’t do anything, just close the window.
  2. In the next step, you have to unplug the USB cable and power cable that is plugged into the backside of Dell printer. Next, grab the bottom edge of the lid that is present on the front side of the printer. After this, lift the lid so that you see the interior area of the printer.
  3. Now, look if there are sheets of paper are jammed inside Dell V515w printer. If paper sheets are jammed inside Dell printer then firmly pull the sheets in the outside direction until it comes out of the printer. If there are additional jammed papers then repeat the process.
  4. Then locate the ink cartridge carrier inside the Dell printer. After this, press the plastic lever above the first ink cartridge. Also, repeat the same process with the second ink cartridge. After this, you have to pull both cartridges in the outside direction and then set them back into the carrier. Also, confirm that each cartridge snaps firmly into place and away from you. Verify that the gold-colored strip on the cartridge is facing down.
  5. In next step, you have to set the plastic levers above the cartridges back into proper place. Now close the printer lid and then plug the USB cable and power cable back into their proper ports.
  6. Now, locate the right arrow key on the panel that is located at the right side of Dell printer. You have to tap right arrow key until the Dell printer’s display reads “Maintenance”. After this, press Select button. Now, use the left arrow key to scroll to the “Align Cartridges” entry. Again tap the Select button to print off an alignment test page.
  7. Next, go to computer’s Start menu and then click Restart. Once your operating system restarts, you can print any documents without feeling any hassle.
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