Why My Dell Printer is Not Printing Yellow Colour?

Hello folks! My Dell printer is not printing yellow color and I don’t understand what’s the reason behind this. I have also checked ink cartridges and they have sufficient ink then why my printer is not printing only yellow color. I have also soaked the ink cartridges and primed the tubes but this also results nothing. I have also cleaned the printheads using buttons to resolve this printing problem but this also did not work. Suggest me something useful!

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Dell Printer is Not Printing Yellow Colour:

Dell printer is not printing yellow color then you should check these points that are described below -

  1. First of all, locate the cause of the problem by using the Pitch Configuration chart. To check the chart print page, tap on Tools button.
  2. After this, tap on the Pitch Configuration Chart button. Now the Pitch configuration chart is printed.
  3. Now compare the pitch of color on your output with that on the Pitch Configuration Chart.
  4. If the problem still persists, reseat Print Head Device Unit (Ph.D.).
  5. After reseating PHD unit, tap on Tools button to view the Chart print page.
  6. At last, tap on Pitch Configuration Chart button to initiate printing. Just check the quality of the print.

Note: Dell E515dw Can print but Can't Scan then Printer forum have the best solution of Dell printer related problem.

I hope after applying these steps your Dell printer yellow in printer working properly.

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  • lay  2 months ago