Why my Dell Printer Won't Print Labels?

I want to print USB labels but my Dell printer is not printing them. I have also tried many configurations but still, I am unable to print on the sheet (8.5*12). I have also changed printer settings and updated firmware and drivers of printers but nothing worked. Guys, I am too much frustrated that why my Dell printer has refused to print labels.

If your Dell printer is not printing labels then just keep these things in your mind -

  1. Label adhesives, face sheet, and topcoats must be able to withstand temperatures of 401 °F (205 °C). The pressure should be of 24 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  2. You should use that labels that can be without sealing, wrinkling, excessive curling and also does not release any hazardous emission.
  3. You are also advised that please do not use that sheet with a slick backing material as by doing so can prove disastrous while printing labels.

When printing on labels -

  1. First of all, you have to set the paper type to label from the printer driver.
  2. Always use the Standard tray for printing labels.
  3. While printing labels, it is advised do not print through the single sheet feeder.
  4. Please do not load labels along with papers in the tray.
  5. Do not print within 1mm (0.04 inches) of the die-cut or of the edge of the label, of the perforations or between die-cuts of the label.
  6. Also, don’t print the labels through the Dell printer more than once.
  7. Always use full label sheets because partial sheets may peel off during printing and also results in the paper jam.


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Why my Dell Printer Won't Print Labels?

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