Why cant I Print From My iPad with My HP Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that why can't I print from my iPad with my HP wireless printer. I am facing some issue with this. Help me.

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Print from My iPad with an HP Wireless Printer

To print with your iPad, you need to enable air print in your HP wireless printer. By enabling the air print, you can simply give commands to your printer with the help of your iPad, and you get printouts. First, you have to select the share button option and then select print; if not selected, choose the desired Printer from the list of the printers displayed.

Lastly, choose the print option to receive printouts accordingly. The process is not this smooth all the time. Sometimes, you may not be able to see your Printer in the list of printers displayed, so you need to troubleshoot this issue.

HP Printer is Not Displayed in the iPad

This is the most common problem when you are unable to see your HP printer in the printer list on your iPad device or your iPad is not able to detect the appropriate printer in the list. The main cause of this issue is that your iPad is not able to communicate with the HP printer correctly.

How to  Fix These Issues with Your HP Printer Especially with AirPrint Printer?

Step 1 : First, you need to make sure that your printer is turned on, which is a very simple process, but the user might face these issues several times.

Step 2: You need to make sure that you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi Network we know that AirPrint mainly works over Wi-Fi, so if you are connected with any type of 4G network, so in this case you will not be able to print with your network. It is not only advised you connect your printer to Wi-Fi, but your iPad should be connected to the same network.

Step 3 : If your printer and iPad are connected to a different network, you will not be able to connect both devices to take printouts. Some routers broadcast a 2.4 GHz network and a 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi network, and many large homes have wifi extenders that broadcast the different networks.

Step 4 : You need to refresh your Wi-Fi connection which will force your iPad device to search printer again. To refresh Wi-Fi, first you need to open your iPad setting tap on Wi-Fi which is located at the left side, and then tap on the green switch to turn Wi-Fi on or off. Leave it for some time and turn on it again. Once the iPad is connected to the printer, try to take the printout again.

Step 5 : You can solve so many problems by rebooting your device, you need to reboot your iPad if you are unable to find the exact problem. You need to press the sleep button until your iPad prompts you to slide to power off and then slide the button. After that power will be down, you need to hold the button to power it back.

Step 6: If there is no problem with your iPad, you need to look at your printer. You need to turn off your printer and turn it on again to resolve your printer problem. You need to wait till your printer gets connected to your iPad device before testing the device. Most AirPrint printer shows a Wi-Fi light icon display to show the connectivity of your printer with an iPad device.

Step 7: You need to verify that your printer is an AirPrint printer, which is compatible with your iPad.

If the Printer is Showing Up in the List:

  1. If the printer is showing up in your iPad list, you are able to send print commands to the printer using your iPad device. This ensures that the problem is not associated with your iPad. The iPad should detect standard issues, such as being out of paper or out of ink.
  2. If your printer is connected to an iPad and you are getting a warning message, you should check ink level, paper jam, or being out of paper.
  3. You need to reboot your printer to resolve general issues.
  4. You need to run a basic diagnostic. Many printers have diagnostic options to resolve issues; this would check ink levels, paper jams, and other common issues.
  5. You need to reboot your iPad device; if the printer is working fine, you need to press the suspend button, which you slide to power off. After powering down, you need to press the suspend button again to power it again.
  6. If your issue still persists, you need to reboot your router. During the rebooting process, your entire wireless network will be down. Rebooting your router will resolve all the router issues.
  7. At the last, if the issue still persists, you can contact the printer manufacturer to resolve issues.

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