How do You Get a Lexmark Printer Back Online?

I am using Lexmark x7675 inkjet printer from a long time and never face any problem with it. But yesterday I updated my printer drivers and from then when I attempt to printout a downloaded message, "Printer Offline" message displays on the screen. If I made any mistake then suggest me to get back my printer work? Help me to make my printer online!

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Issue:

To Get Lexmark Printer Back Online, Just Go Through These Instructions -

Check Physical Connection - Confirm that both ends of ethernet cable/USB cable are properly inserted into ports of computer and printer.

Get Lexmark Printer Online Manually - Follow These Steps-

  • Go to Start button and then choose Control Panel.

  • After this, tap on “Devices & Printers” and locate your printer.

  • Next, press right click on your printer and choose “See what is printing”.
  • Now, a window will pop-up on the screen where you have to choose Printer from the top bar.

  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Use Printer Online” option. Now, your printer is successfully set up “Online” manually.

Erase Pending Print Jobs - See How to Delete Print Jobs -

  • To remove previous pending jobs, first, go to “See what’s printing” menu. (as described above).
  • After this, press right click and then click on Cancel to erase print jobs that are present at that moment.
  • Again choose “Use Printer Online”.
  • If still, there exist any stubborn print jobs then restart your Lexmark Printer and computer.

Remove and Reinstall Lexmark Printer - 

  • Go to “Devices and Printers” menu and then press right click on your printer.
  • Then choose the option “Remove Device”.

  • Now, again add your printer by using “Add Printer” option by going through Device and Printers panel.

Remove Drivers and Packages - 

To remove drivers and package, just go through this process -

  • Log into your Windows operating system as “admin”.
  • After this, go to Start> All Programs.

  • Next, go to Accessories> Command Prompt.

  • At the command prompt screen, type “printui/ s/ t2” and press Enter.

  • By doing this, you are redirected to “Print Server Properties” window.
  • Now, remove the Drivers and Packages for your Lexmark Printer.

  • Again add your Lexmark Printer by using “Add a Printer” from Devices and Printers panel.

Now, your Lexmark x7675 inkjet printer should be shown as online and you can continue printing without any hassle.

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