How do You Get a Lexmark Printer Back Online?

I am using Lexmark x7675 inkjet printer from a long time and never face any problem with it. But yesterday I updated my printer drivers and from then when I attempt to printout a downloaded message, "Printer Offline" message displays on the screen. If I made any mistake then suggest me to get back my printer work? Help me to make my printer online!


To get Lexmark Printer back online, just go through these instructions -

  1. Check Physical Connection - Confirm that both ends of ethernet cable/USB cable are properly inserted into ports of computer and printer.Lexmark printer
  2. Set Lexmark Printer “Online” manually - Follow these steps-
    • Go to Start button and then choose Control Panel.
    • After this, tap on “Devices & Printers” and locate your printer.
    • Next, press right click on your printer and choose “See what is printing”.
    • Now, a window will pop-up on the screen where you have to choose Printer from the top bar.
    • From the drop-down menu, choose “Use Printer Online” option. Now, your printer is successfully set up “Online” manually.Lexmark Printer Technical Support
  3. Erase pending print jobs - See how to delete print jobs -
    • To remove previous pending jobs, first, go to “See what’s printing” menu.(as described above).
    • After this, press right click and then click on Cancel to erase print jobs that are present at that moment.
    • Again choose “Use Printer Online”.
    • If still, there exist any stubborn print jobs then restart your Lexmark Printer and computer.Lexmark Printer Online
  4. Remove and Reinstall Lexmark Printer - Go to “Devices and Printers” menu and then press right click on your printer. Then choose the option “Remove Device”. Now, again add your printer by using “Add Printer” option by going through Device and Printers panel.Printer Problem Resolve
  5. Remove drivers and packages - To remove drivers and package, just go through this process -
    • Log into your Windows operating system as “admin”.
    • After this, go to Start> All Programs.
    • Next, go to Accessories> Command Prompt.
    • At the command prompt screen, type “printui/ s/ t2” and press Enter.
    • By doing this, you are redirected to “Print Server Properties” window.
    • Now, remove the Drivers and Packages for your Lexmark Printer.
    • Again add your Lexmark Printer by using “Add a Printer” from Devices and Printers panel.Printer Back Online

Now, your Lexmark x7675 inkjet printer should be shown as online and you can continue printing without any hassle.

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How do You Get a Lexmark Printer Back Online?

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