How to Fix Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Lexmark printer printing blank pages. While i am tryint to print with Lexmark printer then they print only blank. I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Fix Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages:

Many users have reported some technical issues with Lexmark printer recently which are throwing blank page means when user gives command to your Lexmark printer for printing a page, Lexmark printer printing blank pages to user.

If you are facing similar type of problem, you can apply some technical solutions to resolve this kind of issue but before applying any kind of technical issue, first you need to know exact cause of getting blank page from your Lexmark printer.

Cause Behind at Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages:

  • User need to lookout that your printout has no ink or little ink. If little ink is there than it means that your Lexmark cartridge ink is finish. So you need to buy new one or refill your old cartridge.
  • If your estimated ink level is low, then you will get error.
  • If you have installed cartridge wrongly, then you will get error and getting blank page printout after pressing print tab.
  • Sometimes you have not removed plastic tape and sealed, you will get blank page printout in this case.
  • If cartridge ink does not flow out properly and not reaching out till the print head, so in this case, you might be getting a Lexmark printer blank page printing error.
  • Many Lexmark printers are dust sensitive, which might because of paper jam situations. So also in this case you will get this blank page error.
  • If you have installed incorrect or outdated Lexmark printer driver, then you might get Lexmark blank page printing error.

Some Solutions of Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages-

Before applying this solution, first you need to confirm that your Lexmark printer driver is installed on your system. So to check your Lexmark printer issue, you can follow some below steps

  • First you need to click on the tab which is located at the next of the menu and click on the button ‘Test Menu’ to look for the tab more. Keep pressing this button until you will not see ‘print font’ menu.
  • Hit the ‘print font’ menu and press the button beside ‘pcl’. When you press this button, your printer is ready to generate print with font list. If you see that print out is blank, then there is problem with your software. So in this case you need to download latest Lexmark printer driver and your system both and install it on your system.
  • On the other side, your Lexmark printer is throwing blank page during printing, first you need to check setting for blank page, there is another feature to go through setting which is ‘separate sheet ‘set for your Lexmark printer. If you are unable to identify settings for printer, you need to go section of paper menu. Now your blank page printing error is resolved.
  • You can take print out from both the settings which are blank page and separate sheet. After that hit tab which next to menu and also press tests menu. Yu need to make sure to set’ Do not print’ as the preference for ‘Blank Page’ and select ‘None’ for separate sheet.
  • For doing changes in ‘separate sheet’ and ‘blank page’ press ‘menu’ button which display menu with new list printer settings. So hit ‘paper menu’ and wait for another menu. Now tap on the ‘More’ to get ‘blank page’ or ‘separate list’ now enter the preferences ‘Do not print’ or ‘None’ based on your choice. After changing, you need to tap on ‘return’ and change setting for another one.
  • If you are facing blank page issue still after making changes in both the settings, first switch off printer and restart it after 40 t0 50 seconds.

Instruction to Fix Lexmark Blank Page Error due to Paper Size and Toner Settings-

  • First you need to ensure that printer can detect the correct size of paper in tray. So for this you need to align paper tray and also ensure that printer is able to analyze paper size.
  • You need to check the paper sheet is not sticking each other. For this you need to avoid excess paper loading in the tray.
  • If printer does not stop to throw blank page, you need to check your toner cartridge weather toner cartridge is not finished.

To resolve this issue, you need t pull out the cartridge from printer and shake the cartridge in motion back and reinstall it in your printer. If Lexmark printer printing blank pages problem is still persisting, you need to change your cartridge with new one.

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