Lexmark X4650 Printer Wireless Problem

Hello, folks, I need some help with my Lexmark X4650 printer. I have recently bought it from eBay and the package arrived without any software CD. I am not that knowledgable about printers or anything technical of that sort. I want to install this printer with my Home network as it is wireless. Can anyone here help me figure out how to fix this issue, without the need of CD. I tried installing it with the help of a CD image I found on the internet but that did not work. So please, kindly specify any link or steps to compete the installation.

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Answer - 1

Lexmark X4650 Printer Installation without CD -

  1. First of all, you have to place your Lexmark printer close to your operating system and also confirm that all wires are connected properly.
  2. Next, turn on your operating system and let it reboot.
  3. Once your operating system reboots, you have to plug your Lexmark printer into the wall outlet. After this, take an ethernet cable and plug its one end into Lexmark printer’s USB port and another end into computer’s USB port.
  4. Now, turn on your Lexmark printer. Once you are done, go to Start menu and then click on Control Panel.
  5. In the next step, choose “Printer & Hardware” box and click on “Add a printer” button. Now you will see “Welcome to add printer wizard”, click Next.

    Note: If you don't know that how to install Lexmark printer to computer without CD then follow  some instructions.
  6. On add printer wizard page, you have to click on “Automatically detect and install plug & play computer”. Hit Next. Now Lexmark printer installation process will begin.
  7. Next, you have to choose Printer port. For best setup option, it is recommended to choose best setup port. Then Click Next Button.
  8. Now, you can also set your Lexmark printer as default.
  9. To confirm the setup, print a test page. If everything is OK then your Lexmark printer will print properly.
  10. When you receive the completion of installation message, click on Finish button. Now your printer is ready to work

    Note: If you have not Lexmark printer driver then you can download from Lexmark printer's offical website -

    Hopefully, These stepe helped you in intalling your Lexmark x4650 printer wireless problem. In case you have any confusion with perticular step, feel free to reach out and i will be glat to help.

    Note: Make sure your printer is working properly in case your printer does not communicate with computer then Printer Technical Support forum provide best solution of any kind of Lexmark printer related problem.
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Answer - 2

Lexmark x4650 Wireless Setup -

Before installing Lexmark X4650 printer on the wireless network, make sure your wireless network is setup properly & working appropriately. Also, the computer and Lexmark printer should be connected to the same wireless network.

Follow These Steps to Fix Lexmark x4650 Wireless Problem -

1. First of all, you have to connect the power cable to Lexmark printer and then to a properly grounded electrical outlet. Once you finish this, turn on Lexmark printer.

Also, confirm that Lexmark printer and computer are fully on and ready to print. One more thing i.e., don’t connect the USB cable until you are instructed to do so. When you get instructions on computer’s screen then go for it.

2. Insert Lexmark software CD, tap on Install and then follow on-screen instructions.

3. Now, you asked to choose a connection type, just choose Wireless Connection.

4. On the Wireless Configuration dialog, you have to choose the option “Guided Setup”. If you want to customize your installation then select “Advanced Setup”.

5. Take a USB cable and temporarily connect your Lexmark printer to the computer.

6. At last, you have to follow onscreen instructions.

If still Lexmark X4650 printer won’t print anything then check this -

1. Go to Start and then open Control Panel.

2. Next, in the Control Panel search-box, you have to type “Computer Management”. Then press double click on the icon that is appearing right now on computer’s screen.

3. Tap on Services and then restart Print Spooler Services by clicking on “Restart” button. Again send print jobs to Lexmark printer and check if it is printing appropriately or not.

4. Disconnect interface cable and unplug Lexmark X4650 printer from the power supply. Then open Lexmark printer & confirm that there are no traces of paper.

5. Leave Lexmark printer powered on for 30-40 seconds & then reconnect it. Now check if your Lexmark X4650 printer is communicating with computer or not.

6. If still having issues, then uninstall and then reinstall drivers. For updated drivers, check Lexmark printer’s official website.

Hope, Lexmark x4650 wifi setup problem will get resolved by applying above troubleshooting measures. If you need further assistance then post your query on Lexmark Support forum where experts are always ready to resolve errors.

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