My Lexmark Printer is Printing Symbols

I have a Lexmark ink-jet printer at home and I have been using it for s few months now. I generally use it for small scale work at home with minor printing of documents which mainly consists of black and white ink and it was working just fine. Recently I have noticed my prints are a bit akward and certain symbols appear in between the lines and between them. Does anyone know what is wrong with my printer? Please help.

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Answer - 1

Fix Lexmark Printer Printing Symbols:

Whenever your Lexmark ink-jet printer prints symbols instead of the business document then you need to follow these troubleshooting tips -

File Content-

While printing using Lexmark printer, if you see jumbled or random symbols on the page then instead of proper content then firstly confirm that you have printed the file from the proper application.

Because if you coincidentally print graphics files from the text-processing application then definitely your printer will print symbols (garbage content).

Sometimes applications automatically open files that they can’t interpret and if you continue printing in such circumstances then you will not get the desired output.

Font File Corruption

At various times, corrupted font files play havoc while printing with Lexmark printer. No matter if any font file gets corrupted during the power outage or you have accidentally loaded two versions of the same interface then you can face jumbled characters on the printing page.

Sometimes when you use a freeware font file that is not formed properly then at that time you can face symbols on the printed papers. In such cases, you should replace the font file with a clean copy so that your Lexmark printer can print properly.

Bad Data Connection

Printed output mainly depends on the data connection between your computer and Lexmark printer. If there is some problem with the cabling then your printer will not print properly. 

If the data cable is loosed or damaged then connectivity hassles can manifest themselves in the obscure printouts.

If you have connected your Lexmark printer wirelessly then check the signal strength and consistency. On the other hand, if you have connected via a hub then plug the Lexmark printer’s cable into CPU.

Lexmark Printer Driver

If the Lexmark printer driver is corrupted or you have installed incompatible or poorly designed updates then you can face issues ranging from on-screen errors to on-paper snags.

To resolve such an issue, go to the printer’s manufacturer's website and download a driver installer.

I hope these procedures will help to improve the printing process. If you have any doubts or queries regarding Lexmark printer printing random symbols then please feel free to share them with me, it's my pleasure to help you.

Good luck!

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Answer - 2

Fix Lexmark Printer Printing Random Symbols:

There might be a problem with how the printer is linked to a specific port, like a USB connection, Internet cable, etc., if a printer is printing junk, including such pages by one symbol within the upper left corner of the page and numerous lines of random symbols, text, as well as numbers.

Solution for Lexmark Printer Keeps Printing Symbols

You can verify the issue with the aid of this article. To help identify the piece of hardware responsible for the problem, kindly direct to the Lexmark printer printing gibberish instructions in the list below.

Step 1: Turn off the printer's power or unplug any networking or computer communication wires before trying to fix the problem. The power cord is the only cable that should have been attached to the printer during this time.

Step 2: Print a test sheet after turning the printer back on.

Did the Lexmark Printer Keep Printing Symbols Problem Recur?

  • Yes, carry on to Step 3
  • No, the communication cables are the problem; try an alternative cable or port.

Step 3: Unplug the printer's power line from the outlet and power supply adapters after turning the printer off.  Reconnect the power cable, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and switch the device on afterward.

Step 4: Print out a second test page.

Did the problem recur?

  • Yes, get in touch with Lexmark support to get the problem further diagnosed.
  • No, the problem is solved.

Step 5: If the print driver is not the most recent version, check its displaying information. To check, download, and upgrade the printer firmware, adhere to the steps under Downloading the most recent Lexmark printer firmware.

Step 6: Print out a second test page.

Did the Lexmark Printing Gibberish problem recur?

  • Yes, get in touch with Lexmark support to get the problem further diagnosed.
  • No, the problem is solved.
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