How to Install Lexmark Printer to Computer Without CD?

I have a Lexmark printer which is wireless and equipped with laser ink technology. I have been using it more than a period of 8 months and it has never given me a headache or any such serious malfunction I could not take care of. Recently one of my kids uninstalled the drivers and the software application along with a bunch of other programs from the computer. The issue here is I do not have the setup CD which I got along with it so even though I can download the drivers, how am I suppose to reinstall it? Does anyone here knows how to install printer without a CD?

Install Lexmark Printer without CD:

Hello, I have gone through your query and assuming that the main concern is installing the Lexmark printer fresh to your computer. The drivers which you mentioned can be easily downloaded from your vendor's official website and I will discuss that too.

So Follow the Instructions Carefully for Installing Lexmark Printer without CD -

Step 1. First, switch on your computer and Lexmark printer and connect them to the same home network or wifi.

Step 2. Now click on "Start" and then go to the control panel. Here you will see multiple options, from these, select the option for "Add a new Device" now make sure that your printer is on and discoverable.

Step 3. your computer will look for any nearby devices and eventually detect the Lexmark Printer, click on your printer name on your computer screen.

Step 4. Now install Lexmark printer as per the onscreen instructions provided, and your computer will do the rest. After the installation is complete restart your system which includes both your computer and printer to let them implement the changes in settings.

Step 5. As for the drivers they are easily available on your vendor's official website. So open your web browser and navigate to the vendor's official website. Now search your device by model number and then go to its downloads section.

Here you will find all your printer driver with the latest available update. download these and install it one by one and you are good to go.

Note: If you are still want to stick to CD installation simply Google the model number of your printer and search for any copies of its installation CD online. I am sure you will be able to find it easily.

Hopefully, these steps helped you to install Lexmark printer without cd. in case you have confusion or did not any particular step, feel free to reach out and I will be glad to help.



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How to Install Lexmark Printer to Computer Without CD?

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