How to Fix Brother Printer Error 48?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Brother printer error 48. When i am trying to print they are showing Brother printer error 48.

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Fixed Issue of Brother Printer Error 48

Error 48 in the Brother printer occurs when there is an issue with the circuit board for the printer's print head cable. They can either be broken or damaged. Some of the potential causes that can lead to error code 48 are encoder strips getting mixed up and requiring cleaning, unwanted elements being present inside the printer, or something inside the printer breaking down.

You can troubleshoot the error code 48 on your own. Check the gems and blockages, stop the printer queue, perform a soft reset, check for connectivity issues, and install the new driver version.

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What is Brother Printer Error 48?

Among so many error codes generated by Brother Printers, one is Brother error 48 which means that the print head cable or circuit board is broken or damaged. The message “Unable to Print 48” is flashed on the display due to the following possible reasons:

  • Objects like a paper clip or ripped piece of paper might destroy the printer head.
  • Mechanical breakdown in the printing machine.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 48?

Troubleshooting and solving Brother printer issues is a quite simple task only if you are well aware of the error codes. Troubleshooting involves some basic steps and guidelines to analyze current or recurring issues.

Remember you need to keep some time and patience for troubleshooting Brother printer error 48 in a successful order.

Here You Go with Some Troubleshooting Points and Tips

Step 1: Error codes generated due to jams and blockages are fairly common which affects the printing operation.

Step 2: If the printer encounters problems because of lined print jobs then break the printer queue by deleting a specific job.

Step 3: If the printer is hanging and not working, then unplug the printer from the power socket. Leave it at rest for a minute and repower it back. Do this on a regular basis to resolve the issue.

Step 4: Sometimes it might be that the system or laptop is not responding correctly. Then close all the running programs, shut it down and repower it back after a while. Doing this will automatically restore the lost connectivity with the printer.

Step 5: Sometimes printer seems to have been lost in the screen and it's not working then select “add printer wizard” to restore connectivity.

  • If the error codes indicate “driver” problems, then either update your current driver or install a new driver version if required.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 48

Step 1: Check and Remove for Debris and Paper Scraps

  • Disconnect the printer from the power source.

  • Lift up and open the scanner cover carefully.
  • Look inside the machine for jammed paper or foreign objects and securely remove it.
  • Ensure that no paper is jammed beneath the printer head. If the paper head is positioned in the middle, slide and move it to the right or left side and check for paper scraps under it.

– In case the print head is on the left side, follow these steps.

  • Gently, slide the print head to the middle using your fingers.
  • Check and remove jammed paper or objects under the print head.

  • Close the scanner cover and connect the printer back to the power source.
  • Remember the error message will continue till the encoder strip is cleaned.

– If the print head is on the right side, follow these steps.

  • Connect the printer cord back to a power outlet. The LCD or display system shows a “Cover is Open” message.
  • Keep pressing STOP/EXIT for 5 minutes approximately till the print head moves back to the middle.
  • Again disconnect the machine from the power outlet.
  • Check and remove for any ripped paper or any foreign objects in the right corner.
  • Caution: Use Tweezers to remove paper scrap successfully.
  • Close the scanner cover and connect it back to a power outlet.
  • The Brother error 48 might continue. In that case, clean the encoder strip following some series of steps in the next section.

Step 2: Clean Off the Encoder Strip

  • Simply disconnect the Brother Printer from the power outlet.
  • Lift the scanner cover using the plastic tabs or finger holds till the machine is not locked securely into its open position.
  • Find the Encoder Strip which is a transparent plastic strip in front of the white vinyl band.
  • Use a piece of dry lint cloth to clean both sides of the encoder strip.
  • Start cleaning the encoder strip in right-to-left order.
  • Repeat the steps to clean the encoder strip perfectly.
  • Followed by the cleaning process, close the scanner cover and connect the printer machine back to the power outlet.

Now, in order to check that the printer and its buttons are functioning correctly, pass a Print command to check the print quality. For this you need to press Ink Icon(on printer screen) >> Test Print >> Print Quality >> OK

If the print command is running successfully then the Brother error 48 has been troubleshot. Else, if it shows then recreate the complete process back again.

One of the major brands like Brother offers a range of printers and scanners delivering reliable and high-quality performance. Brother Printers are not just known for their amazing features but have proved as user-friendly.

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