How to Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Lexmark firmware error 900.00. I bought this firmware but now facing some type of error in this. Help me.

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Answer - 1

The Lexmark firmware error 900.00 is one of the common errors of Lexmark printers. The reason behind the occurrence of this error is when the printer gets the information of a system unable to perform its functions properly. To fix this error you need to first update the firmware level of the printer.

Open the menu bar and choose the reports section from the menu settings page. Go to the print tab to start the printing process, now move to device information and look for Firmware level information situated next to base, copy and note the written code, and move to the next point. Finally, Verify whether the code level is P128 or higher.  

What Indicated the Lexmark kernel Error 900.00?

If you are not sure about the kernel error 900.00, at your printer’s screen there will be an error displayed which indicates that your printer is not working. That could be a network error, a communication problem, or even a hardware problem. Can be easily identified by examining the base of the printer. 

Ways to fix Lexmark Printer Xerox kernel Error 900.00

If you are unable to fix your Xerox kernel error 900.00, then do not worry here we will tell you some of the easy steps through which you can fix the error. Those are written below you can read it from there. 

Update the Printer’s Firmware Level 

There are chances that your printer’s firmware level is outdated. Which is why it is not possible to support the code loaded onto the scanner’s communication board. You need to set your printer to P128. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Kernel Error 900.00 Lexmark

  • First, at the printer’s screen reach the menu bar. 

  • Now click on the reports section. 

  • On the menu setting page. Navigate to the print tab in order to start printing. 

  • Go to device information and search firmware level information next to base. 

  • Note down the written code and reach to next point. 

  • Now verify if the code level is P128 or high. 

Cross-Check Using the Embedded Web Server (EWS) : 

  • Connect your printer with the ethernet cable for internet usage. 

  • Try to open the chrome or any Internet Explorer. 

  • In the Chrome address field, you need to enter the printer’s IP address. 

  • Tap on the report option. 

  • Now by clicking on the device information, you need to check whether the printer firmware is at the P128 level or not. 

From a Conclusive Viewpoint. 

So, if you facing problems with error 900.00 Lexmark in your printer then by using the above methods you can easily solve the problem. Or it's always best to concern with the technicians for any major issues. 

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