How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11 1112?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Samsung Printer error code 11 1112. When i am trying to print then it's showing error code 11 1112. Help me in this.

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Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1112

The Samsung printer error code 11 1112 denotes a problem with the printer’s toner cartridges. This Error code 11–1112 occurs when the printer is unable to recognize or communicate with the toner cartridges properly.

So, are you the one looking for solutions to fix your Samsung printer error code 11 1112? It involves certain steps which when followed correctly will easily fix your issue. So, here, in this guide, we’ll provide you with some quick and easy steps that will help you fix your Samsung printer error code 11 1112.

What leads to Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1112? 

The Samsung printer error code 11-1112 appears when the paper is jammed in your printer. Sometimes bits of paper get stuck in your machine while carrying out the print jobs. This issue can stop you from carrying out your printing tasks. If you want to continue your printing work without any interruption, then you need to apply the steps that can help you resolve this issue.

Easy Steps to Fix the Samsung Error Code 11-1112

Mentioned below are the troubleshooting solutions that you can apply to fix the problem of Samsung printer error code 11 1112.

Solution 1: Manual Update

  • One way to get rid of this error code is to perform a manual update. In order to perform a manual update, you will first have to restart your system.

  • After that, you will be required to do a system administration login.

  • After that, launch the Start menu and then go to the option of All Programs. Then, move to the option of Accessories.

  • After that, select the option of System Tools. Once the System Restore option opens up, you need to press the option of Next displayed on your screen.

  • In the end, you are required to select the option of Confirmation.
  • Once you are done with the restoration process, reboot your OS. The process of update brings a new change on your system and error code 11 1112 automatically gets resolved.

After completing all these steps, try to take a printout and check if the spl error 11-1112 issue has been resolved, In case, it still persists, then try to fix your problem by applying the next solution.

Solution 2: Methods to Reboot Samsung Printer

Another way to resolve Samsung printer error code 11 1112 is to reboot your printer machine. To be able to do so, you first need to go to the Control Panel. There, you will see all the applications, which are installed on your system.

Go to the main website of Samsung printer and download the software files that are available. Also, download the drivers.

Then, you are required to reinstall the drivers on your system. After that, you are required to reboot the device, so that the changes can come into effect. To make sure that Samsung printer error code 11-1112 has been eliminated, try to print some sample documents.

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FAQs of  Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1112

Q: What is the error code 11 1112 on the Samsung printer? 

Ans Samsung printer error code 11-1112 appears on your screen when paper gets jammed in your printer. To get more details about this, read the article above.

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