How to Fix Printer has No IP Address on Windows 10?

Please let me know that how to fix printer has no IP address on Windows 10. I am facing some issues while trying to find printer ip. Help me.

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Fix Printer has no IP Address on Windows 10:

If you attempt to use a network printer, an error message titled "Printer has no IP address on Windows 10" may occur. You may be unable to remotely print due to this IP issue. Despite how unpleasant, there are a number of solutions to resolve this printer issue on both Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system. See them listed below.

If the Printer doesn't have an IP Address, What can I Do?


  • If your printer doesn't have an IP address, you may not have properly set it up, which could be the cause of the issue. Check the printer's manual and pay close attention to all the instructions in order to solve that.
  • Be important to ensure that your wireless printer is compatible with the encryption mechanism being used by your Wi-Fi network first.
  • After completing that, verify that the printer configuration page's SSID, as well as password, are correctly entered. The printer ought to function once more when you've confirmed that your settings are accurate.

Update Drivers

  • If your printer has no IP address, the fault may be with your drivers as outdated drivers were frequently the root of printer issues.
  • Users claim that they were able to resolve this issue by downloading the most recent printer drivers.
  • Make sure to download it because most printer drivers include specialized software that will automatically configure your printer. After downloading the most recent drivers, see if the issue is still present.
  • Manually installing drivers could be time-consuming, particularly if you don't know the model of your printer or where to go for the right ones.
  • We advise you to try DriverFix if you want to regularly update your drivers. To avoid wasting time, we refer to all of your drivers simultaneously when we mention "drivers."
  • Additionally, there isn't really anything keeping you from installing it because DriverFix quickly and efficiently finds any outdated or broken drivers.

Print a Test Page

  • You must be aware of your IP settings if you're utilizing a wireless printer. If the printer doesn't have an IP address, generating a test page can be enough to reveal its IP setup.
  • Every printer has a different way of doing this, but generally speaking, you have to push and hold a particular button for a short period of time before your printer prints the test page.
  • You can see all the necessary IP configurations that should let you connect your printer on this test page.

Ensure that DHCP is being Used by Your Printer

  • If your printer has no IP address, your settings may be the issue.
  • The DHCP network protocol is used by routers as well as other wireless routers to assign an IP address to an access point manually.
  • Make careful to disconnect the static IP address you previously gave your printer and turn on DHCP.
  • After a few restarts, your printer should have an IP address allocated to it automatically.


You could be able to manually identify your printer from the Control Panel if it doesn't have an IP address. You can complete this straightforward activity according to the procedures listed above. Control Panel won't open for you?

To locate a solution, check over this step-by-step manual. It can be a serious issue if your printer has no IP address or if you receive a notice stating that the HP printer IP address is just not linked.

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