How to Find the IP Address for an HP Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to find the IP address for an HP printer. I am facing some issue while finding ip address. Help me.

Find the IP Address for an HP Printer:

In this post, you find the all instructions on how to find IP address. Before we start discussion on how to find the IP address for an HP printer, first of all know about what is an IP address and why is it important? So, let’s start.

What is an IP Address?

Like we said, think of the IP address as your ID card whenever you are on the web. Whenever you connect to the internet, your router assigns you a string of numbers to the tune of, and as you browse, the string of numbers leaves a trail around the web.

For setting your HP printer on a network, you will need to know its unique IP address. There are several different ways to find the IP address for an HP printer.

Method 1. First of all know the name of the printer from your network administrator, or check the label attached to the printer. Every computer on the network must be its own extraordinary name and network administrators frequently create identification with the name of every printer to make it easier for workers to find the right printer.

Method 2. Press the Windows key and "r" simultaneously. Type "CMD" in the box and click "OK." Type "ping printer name" at the prompt and note the IP address that is given.

Method 3. You can usually obtain the IP from the printer itself. Click a "Menu" button on the exterior of the machine and scroll till you reach the "Information" menu. With the help of arrow keys to scroll until you find the "Print Configuration Page." Click the "Select" button to print a configuration page. The configuration page will index the IP address of the printer.

There are Few More Different Methods You can Try if You Want to Find the IP Address for an HP Printer.

Method 1: Use the Printer’s Display

In case your printer has an LCD display, there will almost certainly be an option somewhere in the Settings menu to display the IP address on-screen.

Method 2: Printer Properties

For Windows, you can use the Control Panel to find the IP address of your printer.

1. Open the Control Panel> Tools and Printers.
2. Right-click on the printer and select Properties.
3. Click on the Web Services tab.
4. Make a note of the IP address in the Troubleshooting section.

Method 3: Use the Command Prompt

You may also take the help of Command Prompt to find the address of your printer.

1. Open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key and typing cmd.
2. Type netstat -r.
3. Press Enter.

You will see a complete list of all the network devices connected to your computer.

Method 4: Use the Router

At the end, you may find your printer’s IP address in your router’s portal. No two router’s menus are arranged in the same way, so it’s impossible to give precise instructions. But, with a bit of poking around, you should be able to find it.

Here you can also find the methods to add a printer by an IP address. Which will help you after you find the IP address for an HP printer.

Methods to Add a Printer by an IP Address:

If you do not know how to access the printer on the network, you cannot print anything on the printer. To access a networked printer, you have to add the printer to your computer through the printer's IP address.

Adding the Printer:

Method 1. Get the IP address of the printer to include. Most of the IT departments will connect the IP address to the front of the printer. If you have no idea about the printer's IP address, look at the instructions below on how to get a printer's IP address.

Method 2. Tap the Start button after that "Control Panel." Select the "Printers" folder, and then "Add a Printer." This will open the "Add a Printer" wizard.

Method 3. Choose the "Create a New Port" choice for connecting the new printer. Next, select the "Standard TCP/IP Port" option.

Method 4. Type the printer's IP address, and pick the printer's manufacturer and model from the generated list.

Method 5. Select a name for the printer, which will comes in the "Printers" folder of your computer. Complete the wizard's installation process. Verify the printer to confirm that test page printed correctly.

How to Find the IP Address for an HP Printer?