How to Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows 10?

I don’t want to install HP printer without CD as my disk player is not working. Is there any way to install HP printer without installation CD. I am using HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer series - D110 and want to install it on Windows 10 operating system. If anyone who the method of installing HP printer without disc then please discuss here. I would definitely appreciate if someone helps me in this context. Due to this problem, I didn’t use my printer after purchasing.

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Answer - 1

Install HP Printer on Windows 10 without CD -

Troubleshoot Install HP Printer on Windows 10 without CD

  • To bring up “Find a printer dialog”, you have to first click on the link “The printer that I want is not listed”. Now start the process by clicking on “My printer is little older. Help me find it.” Your system will perform a scan to search the printer.

  • If still, you are unable to add your HP printer on Windows 10 then it might be possible that some problem lies with Windows 10 printing system. If such a condition exists, then run the printer troubleshooter.

  • To run Troubleshooter, click on the Start button and then type “ Printer Troubleshoot” in the search bar. After this, you need to click on “Find & Fix Printing Problems”.

Add HP Printer in Windows 10

Now, come to the adding a printer in Windows 10. You can connect your HP printer to the wired network or wireless network, it totally depends on you. Until the router you are using give you IP address automatically (via DHCP), it is extremely easy to connect HP printer to the network.

  • Once your HP printer connects, the process further and tap on “Add a printer” option that is available in the “Devices & Printers” dialog on your Windows 10 OS.

  • If due to any reason your HP printer is not connected then to troubleshoot thing issue, click on “The printer I want is not listed” link. Go ahead to “Troubleshoot Installing printers in Windows 10” link that is present in the bottom.

  • If everything is OK then click on your HP printer option. Now your windows will automatically install print drivers on your system. After some time, HP printer will automatically add on your Windows 10 and you will be able to print a test page.

Manage HP Printer in Windows 10

  • Open Control Panel Print Manager and then tap on “Devices & Printers”.

  • Now you will see a list of all devices that are available in your network.
  • You can also do this thing from another way by going to Start > Settings> Devices.
  • It does not matter as you can choose any option to manage your HP printer.


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