How to Manually Uninstall a HP Printer Driver in Windows?

I am using XP Pro operating system and HP DeskJet 722C printer. I want to manually uninstall my HP Printer’s driver software so for this process I used normal uninstall routine but that didn’t work. When I check HP website, I didn’t find anything useful info. Can anyone help me how to manually uninstall HP printer driver? Responses greatly appreciated!


Manually uninstall HP printer driver

If you are thinking that after uninstalling HP printer driver, it is completely removed from your operating system then let me tell you one thing i.e., dear friend you are thinking absolutely wrong !There are some leftover files that you have to delete manually otherwise you will have to face complex problems.

Go through these set of instructions to uninstall HP printer driver manually in Windows operating system -

  1. To prepare for removing HP Printer driver files, just go to Programs & Features and then click on “Uninstall a program”. After this, choose that programs that you wish to remove.
  2.  If the program is still present then open “Devices & Printers”, press right-click on printer driver & select “Remove Device”.

If you don’t perform these steps then you might face “access denied” error or “printer in use” error.

To completely remove HP printer driver files from your operating system -

  1. First of all, you have to open Print Spooler Window. There are two ways to open Print Spooler Window-
    • Go to Start menu and then type “printui/s/t2” in the search bar. Hit Enter. Find Print Spooler in the displaying results.
    • Open Run window by pressing Windows+ R keys. On Run screen, type “printui/s/t2” and hit Enter.
  2. For Windows XP, click on Start > Control Panel> Printers & Faxes. After this, tap on the File menu and then select the option “Server Properties”. Then press a click on Drivers tab.
  3. Choose that particular driver that you want to uninstall.
  4. In next step, click on Remove button and choose the option “Remove driver and Driver Package”. Hit OK.

Note – Removing the driver package will delete all the installed files of HP printer. If you face error “access denied” or “printer in use” error then restart your system in a diagnostic startup and then use “printui” command to completely remove the driver package.

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How to Manually Uninstall a HP Printer Driver in Windows?

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