How to Manually Uninstall a HP Printer Driver in Windows?

I am using XP Pro operating system and HP DeskJet 722C printer. I want to manually uninstall my HP Printer’s driver software so for this process I used normal uninstall routine but that didn’t work. When I check HP website, I didn’t find anything useful info. Can anyone help me how to manually uninstall HP printer driver? Responses greatly appreciated!

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Answer - 1

Manually Uninstall the HP Printer Driver

There might be many problems that you can face due to your HP printer driver like a corrupted print driver, the driver not being compatible with your printer, the settings being not managed properly, or the requirement for an update. There are three methods to uninstall the HP printer driver. Here is how you can remove the HP printer driver with the help of settings.

First, go to the settings option, select the "device" option, choose the "scanner and printer" option, then tap on the name of your printer, click on the "remove device" option, and confirm it by clicking on "yes" button, go through the settings and apps, choose "features and app" option, choose the name of the device that you wish to remove and at last click on the "uninstall" option. 

Problems You Face In HP Printer-

The following are the reasons why you may face problems while using it.

  • Your printer driver is corrupted
  • The driver is not compatible with your printer.
  • Settings are not appropriate.
  • An update is required.

We all know that the only common factor between the HP printer and the computer is a printer driver. To solve any issue issues while using the HP printer you need to reinstall or update the driver on the computer.

To reinstall the driver we need to Uninstall HP Printer Driver Software. So firstly uninstall the printer driver from the list of your computer.

Methods To Remove Printer Driver Software From The Computer

The following are some of the methods to solve the printer driver problem.

Method 1:- Uninstall Through Program And Features

Following are some of the easy steps for this method:-

Step 1) If you have connected your computer with a printer through USB then remove the cable from that printer.

Step 2) Look for the option of features. From that feature, list hit enter on the Apps and features or on the feature and programs.

Step 3) List of the existing program list will appear on the screen from that list, select the name of your HP printer.

Step 4) Click on the uninstall option and confirm it by hitting the yes button.

Step 5) Now a message “user account control” will pop up. Hit on the yes button.

Step 6) For further process navigate through the instructions appearing on the screen.

Note: If you have any problem while uninstalling then download an application “fix problems” and again start the process.

Step 7) Once the process is complete restart your system.

Now your printer driver is successfully uninstalled.

Method 2:- Uninstall HP Printer Driver Software From Device List

To remove your printer from the device list follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1) First, turn on your printer and make it in a ready state.

Step 2) Make sure that your computer is not connected to the printer with the help of a USB if it is then disconnect that cable from your system.

Step 3) Go to the Windows icon and click on the control panel.

Step 4) Hit enter on the printer and devices option.

Step 5) Right-click on the icon of the printer.

Step 6) Search for your printer name.

Step 7) Right-click on it and select an available option - Uninstall the device/remove the device.

Step 8) Complete the removal process with the help of command instructions on the screen.

Note:- After the entire process if your wireless printer is still active Windows may insert your device automatically. Therefore try to avoid the icon of extra devices.

Hence you have successfully Uninstall HP Printer Driver Software.

Method 3:- Remove the HP Printer Driver Via the Settings Option

The step-by-step guide for this method is as follows.

Step 1) Go to settings and click on devices.

Step 2) Select the scanner and printer option.

Step 3) Click on the name of your printer and then on the remove device option. Confirm it by hitting on the yes button.

Step 4) Navigate to settings and then to Apps.

Step 5) Select features and app options. Now choose the name of the device that you want to remove.

Step 6) Now hit enter on the uninstall option. Follow the complete instructions to remove it.

Hence, your HP printer driver is uninstalled.


Above in this blog, I have provided you with some easy methods to Uninstall HP Printer Driver Software. The best part about these methods is that they can be followed by any novice user as well. You can use any one of them to solve your problem. I hope this proves to be beneficial to you.

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