How to Cancel an HP Printer Job?

Hi, I have bought HP printer, when i am printing with this printer, and want to cancel printer job, then how can we stop it.

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This Documents is for HP printers, Windows and Mac computers and Apple and Android mobile devices.

We can cancel printer job through control panel ,computer either windows or mac and through mobile phone or tablet.

Cancel Print Jobs from the Printer Control Panel:

Depending on your printer model, press the cancel button x, or if your printer LCD screen displays that the print job is in progress, touch the X, Stop or cancel.

  • Cancelling from the control panel stops the jobs currently in progress.
  • It does not cancel any other print jobs pending in the print queue.
  • If yours printer does not have a cancel button or the print job progress is not displayed, cancel from the computer or the device you sent the job from.

Cancel Print Jobs From a Computer:

Select your operating system for the steps to cancel print jobs from the computer notification area, dock or the print queue.

In Windows:

In windows when you send a print job, a printer icon displays in the notification area in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it to select the print job that you want to cancel.

Printer icon in the Windows notification area as shown in below figure.

If the icon does not display than search windows for 'devices', click devices and printer in the results, right click your printer icon and then select See what's printing to select and cancel any print jobs.

In Mac Computer:

In mac computer when you send a print job ,a printer icon displays in the Dock.

Click it to select the print job that you want to cancel.

Printer icon in the Dock on a mac as shown in below figure.

If the icon does not display, then click the Apple menu and then click system Preferences, then click Print & Fax, Print & Scan or printers & Scanners depending on your operating system version, then click your printer name and then click Open print queue to select and cancel any print jobs.

Cancel Print jobs sent from a mobile phone or tablet.

Select your mobile device type for steps to cancel a print job, depending on the app or printing method used.

In Apple iPhones and iPads:

When a print job is sent to the printer, print Center displays in the apps list.

This app lets you monitor and cancel print jobs. After the print job completes, Printer center automatically closes.

Press the Home button twice, tap the print center icon and then tap Cancel printing in the print summary menu.

Print Summary with the cancel Printing option is shown in given fig.

In Android Smartphones and Tablets:

Steps to cancel a print job from an Android devices depend on if you are printing with the HP Print Services Plugin or from the HP ePrint app.

HP Print Service plugin: In this Swipe down from the top of the home screen to view current print jobs in the notification area then select the peint job you want to cancel and then tap Cancel.

Figure showing canceling a print job from the Android notification area.

HP ePrint app: On the app Home screen, tap the Notification icon , tap x and then tap Yes.

Canceling a print job in the HP ePrint app for android is shown in below fig.


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How to Cancel an HP Printer Job?

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