How to Print on Card Stock with HP Printers?

Hello, Please let me know that how to print on card stock with HP printers. I am facing some issue while printing card stock. Help me.

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  • February 13, 2024
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Print on Card Stock with HP Printer:

HP printers can manage a wide variety of media types, adding card stock. The leading to effectively printing business report covers, posters and other items on thicker paper stock is to pick the proper media type before sending your job to the printer.

Once you show a media type, the intake rollers correct to receive the paper, reducing paper jams and increasing print quality.

To Print on Card Stock With HP Printer, Follow Guidelines Below:

Paper Type-

First of all, identify what type of paper your printer supports. Certain printers can not be prepared to manage the heavyweight of card stock, and attempting to print with that kind of paper could do damage to your printer.

HP suggests reading the documentation that came with your printer, containing the owner's manual or user guide, to discover what types of paper your printer can support to print on card stock with HP printers.

LaserJet and OfficeJet printers can usually manage card stock, however others may not. You can also review the printer's datasheet, check for the ‘Media Weight’ to find out what weights of paper it supports, and then compare that to the paper information about the packaging of your card stock. Then considering the suggestions, purchase the suggested card stock.

Adjust Printer Tray-

At this time, you know your printer can support card stock, modify the printer settings to primarily notify the printer and computer that you are using heavy paper. Your owner's manual will have more specific directions for use, but typically, you will first have to correct the printer tray.

On the printer's control panel, tap select to open the printer menus, and then select ‘Paper Handling.’ Scroll up or down the menu to find ‘Tray.’ Choose ‘Heavy’ or ‘Card Stock’ from the Tray menu. Then close the menus by pressing ‘Resume.’

Printer Settings-

You will also need to change your printer settings. Through the document, you want to be printed go to on your Windows computer, click Print from the File menu. After that, select Properties and choose Paper or Paper Quality. choose Card Stock or the weight of paper you are using from the list of paper types and then click OK.

Feed the Paper-

Many HP printers may provide you to load several pieces of card stock into the tray, but to get the best quality, you may have to load the card stock manually. Check at the card stock to confirm that there are no nicks and the paper is not curled or otherwise damaged. If it is, the paper may not load correctly.

Also look at your printer's documentation to figure out whether the card stock needs to be fed through a particular tray on your printer. On the LaserJet 4200, 4300 and 9500 series printers, such as print on card stock with HP printers requires to go through Tray 1. Hand feed the first card into the tray, review it for quality, and after that try adding a stack of cards to the tray. If you have problems, hand feed each card.

Characteristics of Laser Printers-

Nowadays laser printers provide various features in an unusually small package. For the last, you may have had to go to your local print/copy shop for some of the services that are now standard on many laser printers. But more features mean a more expensive device. Therefore it's important to know what your choices are before making that purchase.


The speed of a laser printer is measured in pages per minute--the number of pages the device can print in one minute. As a general rule, the more expensive printer has a higher ppm. Almost black-and-white laser printers provide print speeds of up to 17 to 24 ppm. The number of the latest models provide speeds up to 60-plus pages per minute.


All laser printers provide a number amount of memory installed. However, memory is often upgradeable by adding memory modules. Some printers also have a built-in hard drive. Hard drives can store fonts and documents.


The resolution is measured in dots per inch. The higher number, the higher graphic quality. Most black-and-white laser printers provide a maximum print resolution of 600 by 600 dpi; although, printers with 1200 by 1200 dpi are also available. Color laser printers may have a resolution as high as 2400 by 1200 dpi.

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