8 Reasons Why Printer Ink is So Expensive

It is not advisable to purchase printer ink as it is expensive and messy. Moreover, the ink gets used up very quickly and the time to buy the ink again comes sooner than you think. You must be wondering why printer ink is so costly. Here we have listed out 8 possible reasons why printer ink is so expensive. So, let's talk about these reasons one by one. 

Different Reasons Why Printer Ink is So Expensive

The reasons mentioned below will help you understand why printer ink is so expensive. You will also understand why paying such a huge price is totally worth it. 

1) Complicated Engineering

The ink was first created in the 23rd century BC in China. Presently, ink is a lot more sophisticated than it was back then. The process to create ink is complicated and difficult to understand. In those early days, printer ink was created by mixing food dye with water.

However, it gets faded after a few months. Reputed companies like Canon, HP, and Epson have done their research work to understand how to convert dye into a pigment composition to get the high-quality ink you require. It was necessary to conduct this research work to obtain the ink that could last for a longer duration. 

Modern inkjet printers have a complex job to do as they can shoot multiple drops of ink in a second to get higher accuracy and to create colors. Also, after the printing work is done, the ink must get dried quickly and must be water-resistant and smeared.

At the same time, you must make sure that the ink does not curl up the page and the tiny jets stay clog-free. Nowadays, printer companies put in a lot of time and effort to create the perfect blend of pigment and dye to deliver high-resolution printing. 

2) Printer is Generally Free

A lot of popular printer companies don't make a lot of money through retail sales. There are some companies that even suffer from a loss in this area. However, the ink is expensive. This is how the companies make the cost. You pay the price for the lifetime of your printer.

Generally, printers are sold at the cost price or below the cost price. The appealing low prices attract the customers. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that the customers will use genuine products instead of compatible and remanufactured products provided by third-party suppliers. 

3) A lot of Ink Gets Wasted

Customers are not able to fully avail the benefit of the product. In fact, half or more than half of the ink gets wasted. Modern printers use ink for two purposes. One is for printing documents and images and the other is to clean and maintain the printheads. A lot of people don't understand the maintenance need of printers.

Inkjet printers use a lot of ink on maintenance cycles. Every time you turn off and then turn on your printer, it triggers a maintenance cycle. Hence, it is more efficient to keep the system on. Please ensure that your printer is kept in a shaded and cool location. Keeping it in a dry and hot environment can clog the printhead. 

4) The Process to Use Ink is Complicated

Production of ink and printing is a complicated process. Modern printers make use of a thermal process. There is a thin filament in the chambers of your ink cartridge. The filament gets heated up and starts to bubble.

This build-up of pressure sends the droplet out of the cartridge and that's how it appears on the paper. An ink cartridge needs to be designed properly in order to prevent any kind of malfunctions. 

5) Supply and Demand

Every single office including a home office needs to have a printer. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of home offices and homeschooling activities has increased, which is why everyone needs a residential printer for taking care of printing jobs at home.

This has increased the demand for high-quality ink. This further leads to an increase in the cost of OEM. A printer owner is required to take the necessary steps to get the best price for the OEM ink. 

6) Cartridges are Made to Fail

Every electronic product you buy does not last forever be it televisions, smartphones, printers, or printer cartridges. Every product you buy has a limited time span. If printer companies come up with products that can last for decades, then it can minimize their profit.

Today, we live in the era of disposable electronics. The materials that are used for designing these products are hazardous in nature. This is why it is important for you to make sure that the electronic products are recycled properly. 

7) Specialization Consideration 

In today's time, one size of ink cartridge does not work for all devices. You will see some or the other kind of specialization in the printer ink design. This further increases the manufacturing and R&D cost. When it is time for you to buy replacement ink cartridges, you must ensure that you are informed.

To begin with the process, you need to know the manufacturing and the model of your printer. This will help you buy the right type of replacement supplies. Modern printers use different types of color ink cartridges such as blue, red, yellow, and black.

You must avoid purchasing a printer that uses a tri-color ink cartridge. This will waste the ink even if only one color is empty. 

8) You are Paying the Price for the Best 

If you want a high-quality and safe ink option, then you must go for genuine OEM ink. Nevertheless, you need to pay a premium to get high-quality. Sometimes, buying a set of ink cartridges for your printer may cost you the same amount as your inkjet printer or may cost you even more.

That surely is quite expensive. However, you have the option to buy third-party cartridges instead of the original ones but there is no guarantee that your printer will work properly. Plus, these remanufactured cartridges produce spotty image quality. 

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