Brother Printer Keeps Randomly Running Auto-Diagnosis

My Brother MFC-L2740dw printer keeps running the auto-diagnosis at random times. It takes 15 minutes to run and it always happens when I'm in the rush and need to print something fast to go catch my train or something. This is really frustrating. The user guide mentions what to do in case of auto-diagnosis and the reasons why this might happen (temperature issues) but I can't find what to do to stop if from running the auto-diag all the time. I'd say on average it happens every 7-8 prints. Will it change anything if I replace the drummer (it's original one, so far)? Also, my printer has travelled half the world in a container (I recently moved to another country for work). This didn't happen before the move. It happens now. Not sure if it's related. Last time I tried to have an appliance (coffee machine) serviced by the brand in my new country (Asia), I was told they couldn't repair it because it was bought in another country (EU) so I have little hope to have my printer fixed here. I'm also getting issues with the duplex printing that jams way too often to my taste now, but I can deal with that, the auto-diag is more annoying. Any help will be appreciated.

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