Brother Printer Not Printing From PC

Hello, I bought a new Brother printer. But now i am trying to print with PC then it's not connecting. I have no idea about what to do for printing from PC by Brother printer. Please help me.

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  • lay  3 years ago
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Fix Brother Printer Not Printing From PC:

I have a brother printer but I am facing problem to fix the printer. I have tried to do from many software but that was not working after that I try from Epson printer troubleshooting which is very helpful for me so if you are facing problems to fix common printer's problem you can use it

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Solved Issue of Brother Printer Not Printing From PC:

Printing from the personal computer is the easiest way to print a document, particularly when you are in an office environment. In case, the printer stops printing all of a sudden or there is a delay in performing in the printing operation, then these are the solutions that you can use to resolve the problem of Brother printer not printing from PC.

What are the Reasons Responsible for Brother Printer Not Printing to PC?

There can be a number of reasons, which can cause the problem Brother printer does not print. This generally involves problems like outdated printer drivers, worn outs, interior jams, or insufficient toner levels.

How can You Resolve the Issue of Brother Printer Not Printing from PC?

1) Check the power source of your printer

  • When there is sufficient battery in the printer, the LED lights are turned on.
  • In case the power button LED light is steady, then that means the printer is on and there is no issue in printing.
  • In case the error lights are blinking or are on, then that means there is an error in your printer. Now, carefully view the button or icon that is indicating the error. Brother printer not printing from PC error can occur because of toner or paper.
  • If no lights are turning on in spite of being connected to the power source, then in such a case you must check if there is any problem with your power outlet. Try disconnecting the power cord and then reconnecting it. Generally, printer errors get resolved by reconnecting the power wire.

Check if Brother Printer is Properly Connected to the PC or Not?

  • Please check that there is a proper connection between your personal computer and printer. Reconnect the wire if required.
  • Now to get rid of the problem of Brother printer not printing from PC, check if the connection has been established or not. Now, go to the printers and devices option and then select your Brother printer model.
  • After that, take a look at the status, is it a default printer? In case it is not a default one, then make it your main printer device.
  • Please ensure that the router and the access point are shared by your printer and personal computer system. Go to the settings of access point and manage them. Also, check if the ethernet cable is properly connected.
  • Check if the printer status is not set as default, offline, or paused.

See if the Driver is Updated or Not?

  • A number of printer errors can be caused if your printer driver is outdated or obsolete.
  • Go to the Brother support website or use the utility driver that is already downloaded in order to update your printer.

Bring the Network Back to Factory Default Settings

If all the above mentioned things are fine and the Brother printer error is not caused because of the outdated drivers, then you are only left with the option of cold reset. Bringing your setting to factory defaults will delete all the things that you have saved so far.

So, if you are planning to go for this solution, then you must create a backup first. We hope that this resolves your problem of Brother printer not printing from PC.

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