Brother Printer Not Scanning

My Dell laptop is not syncing up with my Brother printer when I use printer in office. When I put multiple page scans into one file, my Brother printer refuse to scan. Infect my printer is neither scanning PDF files nor JPEG photos. Is the issue related to my system? When I checked Scanning Utility box, Paint and other programs are available but Adobe is unavailable. What can I do so that my Brother printer can scan all files? I am using Brother MFC 7840W printer & Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7 OS.

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Answer - 1

Fix Brother Printer Not Scanning :

If your Brother printer is not scanning to file appropriately then go through these mentioned steps -

Step 1 - Verify that Control Center is Running

Control Center is displayed near the task tray that is located near the system clock. If due to any reason, this application is not active then check these steps -

  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 - Go to  Start> All Programs>Brother Printer>Control Center.
  • Windows 8 - Click on Start and then click on down arrow key. Next click on All Apps> Brother Utilities>Control Center.
  • Windows 10 - Tap on Start> All Apps> Brother Printer> Brother Utilities>Control Center.

Step 2 – Ensure that the Scanner Driver and Port is Configured Properly

1. Navigate to Scanner Properties.

2. On the Network Scanner Properties Dialog box, tap on the Network Settings tab.

3. Next, choose the option “Specify your machine by the name” or “Specify your machine IP address”.

Step 3 – Check Firewall Settings

Sometimes firewall settings are the main reason for creating conflicts while scanning. If the firewall is active on your system then it may block the necessary network connection that is mainly needed for the scanning software to work properly.

So, disable the firewall settings on your system and then try scanning from your Brother printer. If after disabling firewall, your Brother printer scan properly then you should understand that Firewall is blocking your internet connection.

Whenever you scan the network using the Scan key, just leave the firewall enabled or modify the firewall settings.

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