Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10

I have a Brother printer at home which is a laser wireless printer. It was set as a default printer for my Windows PC. recently I have to update Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and soon after the update, printer started showing offline for no reason I could figure out. I tried pairing it to my computer but nothing helped it showed offline. My home network is pretty decent and speed is good too but I could not figure our what is the reason for malfunction. Can anybody here tell me a solution for this?

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10:

Hello Nate, there may be the various number of reasons that are responsible when a printer gets offline. Below I am describing two methods that will help you to bring your Brother printer offline windows 10 back online -

Check Brother Printer Connectivity –

Perhaps if your Brother printer is not connected properly to PC or the internet. To check printer connectivity, just have a look at these steps -

  1. Restart your Brother printer. Wait for a couple of minutes until your Brother printer is fully ready.
  2. After this, you have to check your printer connection. No matter you are connected via USB or wireless connection, you have to check both connections. Verify that all USB and cable are firmly attached. If you are using wireless connection then verify that you are connected to the proper network, internet access, and IP address. If you are connected properly then the wireless icon on your Brother printer will lit-up.
  3.  In the last run “test print”. If your Brother printer is still offline then proceed to next method.

Check Brother Printer Status -

  1. Open Control Panel and then move to “Printers and Devices”.
  2. Next, choose your printer and press right-click to open the drop-down. After this, tap on “See what is printing”.
  3.  Tap on the option “Set as default printer”. Below the “Set as default printer” link, you will see your printer status i.e., it is offline or online. If your Brother printer is paused then simply tap on “Resume Printing”. By doing this, you can set your Brother printer to print offline.
  4. At last, run the print test. If the “offline” problem still persists then you have to cancel the print queue.

If your Brother printer does not have major hardware or network communication issue then I hope you will be able to retrieve your Brother printer to appear online again by applying these methods.

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