Can't Retain Toner Saver When Printing. Reverts to Default?

I have to use toner saver and in all my printers I have had. I noticed that my printing is bold and when I set Toner saver print it reverts to general. I cant read the serial number as I have a bad back and need to be a contortionist to see it. The model is DR2425? uses toner TN2450. That is all I know at present without doing a day's search for invoice. Can anyone help please ? Has it happened in other models. Cant use Brother support without my model; number and it is stuck on select

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Answer - 1

Brother Printer Toner Save Mode:

You can conserve toner use with this feature. When you set Brother Toner Save Mode to ON(Enabled) print appears lighter. The default is OFF(Disabled).

(We do not recommend Brother Toner Save for printing photo or Grayscale images)

  • Toner Save Mode is not available for HQ 1200 resolution.
  • Toner Save Mode can be set on the machine control panel to control Toner Save mode for received faxes, copies and reports.

To Set the Brother Toner Save Mode follow the Steps Listed Below:

  • Press Menu 1(General Setup)4(Ecology)1(Toner Save Mode).
  • Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select ON or OFF.
  • Press OK press STOP/EXIT.

There are Two Ways to Configure this Feature When Printing from a Computer:

  • Windows Users
  • Macintosh users

Windows users:

  1. Open the Printers folder(Windows8,8.1or 10)
  • Press the Windows and R Keys on your keyboard at the same time.
  • Type control printers in the Run box and press enter.

Windows7 and Windows Server 2008 R2:Click Start=>Device and Printers.
Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Click Start=>Control panel=>Hardware and Sound=>printers
Windows XP and windows Server 2003 Click Start=>Printers and faxes.
Windows 2000 Start=>Setting=>Printers.

2. Right mouse click the Brother icon.

3. Left click Printing Preferences.

4.Click on the Advanced tab.

5. Place a check in the checkbox next to Toner Save Mode to enable the feature.

Uncheck the Checkbox next to Toner Save Mode to disable the feature.

6.Click Apply and OK.

7.Close the Printers window.

Macintosh Users:

1. Open a document.
2. Click File and print.
3. Click on the drop menu(Copies &pages by default)and click on print setting.

In some programs Copies &pages may not be listedYou may need to click on another button or tab before accessing Copies & pages.

4.On the Basic tab you will see the option for Toner Save Mode

5.Check the Brother printer Toner Save Mode box to turn on toner save mode. Uncheck the Toner Save Mode box to turn off toner save mode.

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