Fix the Brother DCP 1610w Offline Error on Computer?

Please let me know that fix the Brother dcp 1610w offline error on computer. I am facing some issues while printing on Brother printer. Help me.

Fix The Brother DCP 1610w Offline Error on Computer:

The status of the printer is Offline or Paused.

To fix this problem, adhere to the methods listed below:

1. Make Sure the Brother Device is Turned on and Error-Free.

  • If the LCD on your Brother machine is blank, it might not turn on the device. Check to verify if the computer emerges from sleep mode.
  • If not, check if it is plugged into a functional outlet and if it turned any power switches ON.
  • Note: This approach does not work if you cannot turn the machine on. Investigate this hardware problem.
  • Look for just any error warnings on the LCD. Examples include "Paper Jam" and "Ink/Toner Empty". Try resolving the error if it is shown on the LCD to fix the issue.

2. Ascertain that the Printer is Linked to the PC.

  • Ensure the USB cable is attached to the printer and PC if using that one.
  • Instead of using a hub, connect it directly to the computer.
  • Ensure the ethernet cable is connected to the printer and the router/hub/switch if you're using one. For the IP address, print the network configuration page.
  • Print the network configuration page when utilising a wireless connection to verify the IP address.
  • If the problem persists, move on to STEP 3.

3 (Windows): Ensure your Brother Printer is Set to Default Settings.

  • Switch to the Control Panel.
  • Tap Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  • Tap Start > Devices and Printers.

If your Brother device doesn't have the checkmark, right-click the icon and then choose Set as the default printer.



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Fix the Brother DCP 1610w Offline Error on Computer?

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