How Can I Fix Brother Printer not Printing Issue?

How can i fix brother printer not printing issue. Is there anyone who knows about it.

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Fix Brother Printer not Printing Issue:

Brother Printer Not Printing, it can be you have wifi problem. As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons that can cause this issue. Some misconfiguration can be the prominent reasons for the same. before going to troubleshooting the printer , let’s take look at the probable reasons for the unable to print issue.

Basic Problems:

  • Wired and wireless network printing issues
  • USB printing problems
  • Software upgrades and printer driver problems
  • Ink and toner issues

Frist Basic Problem of Printer: You need to check the printer is giving the error or no and the printer turned on. You need to check that printer is connected to the computer properly and the printer does have paper and toner in it. Does it have power? Check the power strip if you're using one. Maybe it's off or got fried in a power surge.

1. Wired and Wireless Network Printing Issues -

A wired networked printer has no problem in communication. The printer have different option for printing and easy way to share a printer with multiple devices, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, they also introduce another level of troubleshooting difficulty when they stop printing.

Restart everything, Wired or wireless network printers on your home network, which consists of a few different components: the printer, a computer, a router, wifi router, and a modem to connect to the Internet. No matter how your network is configured, it all interacts, which means that if one device gets hung up, it can affect all the others.

Try restarting all the devices to get the network again. Do not reset a device to factory defaults, a common option, but simply restart. Once your network comes back up, try the printer again then also the printer will not work, try to reconfigure the printer. For reconfigure printer, you need to install all software.

Reconfigure the printer network settings, If you still can't get the printer connected to your network, you can try starting fresh. Turn the printer off, disconnect it from your network, and then reinstall the printer following the manual online do it manually. Be sure to keep a record of any printer or network passwords that may need to be created.

Reinstall or reconfigure any special network drivers for your printer: Once you have the printer able to communicate over the network, you may need to install or configure specialty network drivers for the printer, such as AirPrint.

2. USB Printing Problems -

If the printer is not working with a USB cable, It can be a cable problem or computer problem .you try to reinstall drivers of the printer into the computer and try to change cables.

It does not work, try to restart everything like computer and printer and while restarting the printer you need to wait at least for 2 min during the process. Check all the cables plug into the computer.

Try to add the printer under control printers and install a new version of printer driver that capable of the computer operating system.

3. Software Upgrades and Printer Driver Problems -

This is one reason to wait a bit before installing new operating system upgrades on the computer and install new firmware on the printer. If your printer suddenly stops working after a system update, chances are you'll need a new printer driver.

Check with the printer manufacturer and see if they have new drivers available and install the new driver for the printer. To install the new driver on the computer, you need to visit the website of the printer and download the printer driver.

Once you install the new driver on the computer, Try to add the printer in the control printers and once you done then the printer start working.

4. Ink and Toner Issues -

Ink and toner problems can include streaking and fading (which usually indicate a dirty print head) or toner in a laser printer that is running low. For inkjet printers, chances are the print head needs a good cleaning. The printer utility app that came with your printer includes a cleaning option. There are usually two, a light clean and a heavy clean.

Start with the light clean, since cleaning uses a good deal of ink. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try the heavy clean option on the computer. Try to do head cleaning on the printer with help of the computer.

If the printer is not printing, try to change the Brother printer ink or cartridge then try to print. If the Brother printer not printing still, might be the printer have the hardware problem on it.

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