How Do I Replace the Fuser Unit in Brother Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i replace the fuser unit in brother printer. I have no idea about that. Help me.

Replace the Fuser Unit:

To turn the printer off, press the Power button. Cut the printer's power. Wait till the printer has completely cooled down before replacing the fusing unit to prevent harm.

Step 1: Open the top cover.

Step 2: To replace the fuser unit from the printer, unscrew the two large screws in the manner indicated.

Step 3: Holding these handles on either side, extract the fusing unit from the printer.

Step 4: From the fusing unit, take out the oil bottle and the Fuser Cleaner.

Step 5: Connect the printer's new Fusing Unit. Make sure the Fusing Unit is fully inserted into the printer.

Step 6: With the two long screws, fasten the fusing unit.

Step 7: Set the SET position here on Fusing Unit Pressure Release Levers.

Step 8: Lock the Oil Bottle Lock Levers as well as the Fuser Cleaner Lock Levers after inserting the Fuser Cleaner as well as the Oil Bottle into a newer fusing unit.

Step 9: Plug the printer into the AC outlet after closing the Top Cover.

Step 10: Pressing the Power button will start the printer.

Step 11: To take the printer Off Line, press any of the Menu buttons (+, -, Set, or Back).

Step 12: Until "RESET MENU" displays, press + or -.

Step 13: To advance to the following menu level, press Set. Then, press + or - until "PARTS LIFE" appears.

Step 14: Once "FUSER UNIT" appears, hit Set and + simultaneously.

Step 15: After pressing Set, press Go. The condition of the printer is now READY.

I hope now you've all the necessary information regarding how to replace the fuser unit. You must carefully go through the information mentioned above in order to get a better understanding.



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How Do I Replace the Fuser Unit in Brother Printer?

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