How do I Set up WiFi on My Brother Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i set up WiFi on my Brother printer. I bought new Brother printer but now i am trying to connect it with wifi then it's not connecting.Help me.

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Answer - 1

Setup WiFi on Brother Printer:

If you wish to know how you can setup WiFi on Brother printer, then take a look at the article below. Mentioned-below is the steps that you are required to follow to connect Brother printer to wifi network.

1) Things to Do Before Setting up Your Brother Printer

The first thing that you need to do is to check the wireless settings of your wireless router. Check and write down the wireless network settings below.

  • Name of your network which is also called SSID
  • Password or network key

How to Locate the Name of the Network and Password?

  • Take a look at the side or base of your wireless router device and see if it is written over there.
  • You can also search for it in the documentation that was provided to you along with the access point.

If you are still not able to locate the name of your network and password, then read out the FAQs on the Brother’s printer support page and see how to locate the password and network name.

2) Setup Your Brother Printer Device on the Wireless Network

Mentioned-below are the steps that one is required to follow in order to connect Brother printer to wifi.

Step 1 : Connect the power wire of your Brother printer machine and then connect it to the power source. After that, power on your Brother printer machine.

Step 2 : Select the Menu button that is placed on the control panel of your machine.

Step 3 : Use up and down arrow keys for choosing the network and then select Ok.

Step 4 : Again use the same Up and Down arrow keys for choosing WLAN and then press OK.

Step 5 : Use up and down arrow keys one more time to select Setup Wizard and then press Ok.

Step 6 : When you see the WLAN enable option, then click on Yes for enabling the wireless network. This will initiate the setup wizard.

Step 7 : After that, the Brother wireless printer will start searching for your network and will show a list of available wireless networks. This will show a list of network names and press the arrow keys and choose the network name that you wrote earlier. After that, click on Ok.

Step 8 : In case you are using encryption and authentication method, then enter the password and then select Ok to set these settings.

Step 9 : In case you are using an open system for authentication and you have not set any password, then move forward with the next step.

Step 10 : The printer machine will try to connect to the wireless network that you have selected.

3) Download and Install the Software of Your Brother Printer

It is important for you to install the driver in order to setup Brother printer to wifi network. In case you are a Windows user, then go to the download section of your website and download the software package. Carry out the directions that are given on the downloads page.

If you are a Mac user, then go to your website’s download section and download the driver and software package.

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