How to Change Toner on Brother Printer?

Please let me know that how to change toner on Brother printer. I am facing some issues while printing on Brother printer. Help me.

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Change Toner on Brother Printer:

Laser printers running out of toner are pretty common when high-frequency printing consumes entire toner for giving the output in the form of premium quality printed pages. Friends, I witness this quite often in my office as I have to change toner on Brother Printer regularly for getting better printing quality.

While you are about to change toner on Brother Printer yourself, you must be aware of the fact that in an ideal scenario there are two components that must be kept in mind. So, here is a brief introduction of the two components.

A Toner cartridge is that container within which toner powder is poured for printing while the Drum unit happens to be the electrically charged cylinder that is responsible for transferring the toner powder to the blank page for printing.

Finally, here is a quick user-friendly guide that throws substantial light on how to change toner on Brother Printer.

Making Your Toner Cartridge Usable 

Now let’s get into the process of changing the toner to continue printing from Brother Printer.

Step 1 - In the very first stage, you just have to unpack the toner cartridge that you have bought.

Step 2 - Turn your toner cartridge towards yourself to remove the protective sheath from it.

Step 3 - Remove the sealed tape from the side of the toner cartridge.

Step 4 - Once the tape comes off, your toner cartridge will be ready to be installed into the Brother Printer.

Making the Drum Unit to be Prepared

Step 1 - Uncover the drum unit and remove packaging from it.

Step 2 - Now take off the protective orange seal surrounding the Drum unit.

Finally Replacing the Toner Cartridge on Brother Printer

Step 1 - After switching on your Brother printer open its front cover.

Step 2 - Remove the existing Toner Cartridge and the Drum Unit and cause the toner cartridge to be released from the Drum Unit Assembly.

Step 3 - To release the toner from the drum unit assembly, simply push down the green lock lever present on the left side of the drum unit followed by removing the toner cartridge from the drum unit.

Step 4 - Now cause the new toner cartridge fix into the drum unit so that it doesn’t get moving. Please note that you have to fit the toner cartridge into the drum until you hear a locking sound emanating as a result of the toner being put into the drum unit.

Step 5 - Now move the green tab left-right a few times and then clean the crown wire inside the drum unit.

Step 6 - After accomplishing the preceding steps, close your Brother’s printer front cover.

There are a few tips that you must remember while you change Toner on Brother Printer.

  • Please do not switch off your Brother printer until your Brother printer gets into Ready mode.
  • It is always advisable that when you find your existing Toner getting low on printing, simply have a new spare toner with yourself always.
  • Uncover your new Toner Cartridge only when are about to install it into your Brother Printer.
  • If the Toner Cartridge is left uninstalled or uncovered for installing it subsequently, there is a fair chance that the toner life will suffer from diminution.
  • Try avoiding refilling your existing Toner Cartridge, instead buy a new one.
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