How to Clean Brother Laser Printer Rollers?

Hello, Please let me know that how to clean Brother laser printer rollers. Now a days my Brother printer is not printing good. So how to clean roller, help me in that.

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Clean Brother Laser Printer Rollers:

If you are a regular user of laser printer, then by the time you will face different kinds of issues like, print quality is not up to the mark, Ink is spreading, Paper Jam etc. In these kind of issue, there might be some general solutions to get rid of these issues or some time you need to change part of your laser printers.

One of the best solutions to resolve paper printing quality issue is cleaning brother laser printer rollers. Means if you clean your roller, then you might resolve the issue.

Let us Understand Step by Step Procedure to Clean Brother Laser Printer Roller:

Step 1 : First you need to disconnect your laser printer from power cord because if your laser printer is connected with power and you are going to clean your laser printer roller, so in that case , you might get an electric shock.

Step 2 : Now you need to press the front cover release button to open the front cover.

Step 3 : Now you need to hold your laser printer’s green handle of your roller unit and lift the roller in upward direction and pull it in outside until it stops.

Step 4 : Now you need to release the green lever that is located at the left side of your laser printer .

Step 5 : You need to pull out your laser printer roller completely outside of the laser printer by using the green handle on the laser printer roller.

Note: It is strongly suggested you to put your laser printer roller on the clean place and place should be flat and there should be disposable paper there, because some cases your laser printer roller might spill your toner. Then you need to hold your toner cartridge carefully.

Step 6 : Now you need to hold handle of toner cartridge and then pull it out from the roller unit

Step 7 : Now repeat the above process for all the toner cartridge

Step 8 : You need to turn roller oh holding the handle and you need to make sure the roller unit gear are located at the left side and roller unit gear 1 is located far away from you. By doing this arrangement, you can get find your roller unit gear

Step 9 : You need to look out the print sample to know the color problem. If it ok, there is no need to clean up but if it is mismatch in your print color and your toner color, you need to clean it. Suppose if the spot is cyan, you should clean the cyan roller, and if you get another color spot, you need to focus on that color roller specifically.

Step 10 : Then you need to put the print sample against the roller and try to find the exact position of your poor print.

Step 11 : In next step, you need to look out the surface of your roller by turning the roller unit gear in forward direction and when you found the mark on the roller which exact match with print sample, then you need to hold a piece of cotton swab and clean the surface of your roller gently until the dust is not complete wipe out.

Note: Do not clean the surface with sharp object

Step 12 : Now you need to turn your roller unit cover towards you or inside by using your hand to come back in its original position. The exact position of every roller can be match by the matching number on the roller unit. This means unit gear number and roller unit number should be match on exact positioning.

Step 13 : You need to make sure the number of all the roller should match with the corresponding number on the side of your roller unit

Step 14 : Now you need to turn your unit back cover with the help of green handles.

Step 15 : You need to hold the handle of the cartridge and slide this in roller unit and match the cartridge color to the same color marked on your roller unit and fold down your toner cartridge handle after making this arrangement and repeat this whole process for toner cartridge.

Step 16 : Put the roller unit back in the laser printer.

  • You need to make sure the grey lever position and put roller unit in the laser printer and lock grey lever.
  • Also you need to match green guide with green arrow.
  • Push the roller it until it stopped automatically.

Step 17 : At the end Close the front cover of your laser printer.

This is the step by step procedure to clean brother laser printer rollers?

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