How to Clean the Corona Wire of Your Brother MFC-9340CDW?

Is there anyone who knows about how to clean the Corona wire of your Brother MFC-9340CDW. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.

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Clean the Corona Wire of Your Brother MFC-9340CDW-

Regular maintenance is essential to stay your printers in tip-high condition. Your Brother MFC-9340CDW all-in-one color electrostatic printer is not completely different and it’s additionally vital to understand what elements of the printer would like attention; might it's as mundane as cleanup the flatbed inclose keeping the scanner clean or replacing an important half like the drum and toner assembly.

Some not thus ordinarily notable elements like the corona wire additionally want attention so as to stay the printing crisp and neat. Cleanup of the corona wire often ensures a protracted service life.

What is Corona Wire and How It Works

A corona wire could be a terribly fine wire made up of wolfram as the base material. it's within the toner cartridge. it's charged with electricity that attracts the toner off the drum onto the paper. once the corona wire is charged, it provides the drum a positive static charge then the drum transfers the charge to the paper that successively attracts the toner to the paper.

The printer emits a light beam across the surface to discharge specific or bound points whereas the drum rotates. The optical maser then etches the letters and pictures to be written as a pattern from the corona wire.

How to Clean the Corona Wire of Your Brother MFC-9340CDW?

Cleaning of the corona wire is crucial before you replace the toner cartridge of your Brother MFC-9340CDW. Ensure that the printer has cooled down before any try of cleanup. Below are the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Open the highest cowl utterly open. the highest cowl can lock in situ and doesn't need any support. If you fail to try and do this once removing and putting in the drum and toner assembly might cause severe harm to the machine.

Step 2: Take the drum and toner assembly out from the printer.

Step 3: Place the drum and toner assembly on high of a disposable textile or paper beneath to avoid toner mess.

Step 4: The corona wire tab is found on the left facet of the assembly. Clean the corona wire by slippery the tab back and forth from left to right many times. 10-15 times can do.

Step 5: You can repeat the fourth method some additional times. when cleaning up the wires, place the corona wire tab back to its original position on the left. If you fail to try and do this can result in a written vertical line down on your written paper.

Step 6: Go back to the drum and toner assembly return to your printer. make sure that the assembly is placed on the right color label.

Step 7: If necessary, repeat steps 1-6 with the remainder of the toners.

Step 8: Close the highest cowl of your printer.

In case the steps higher than don’t work, knowledgeable cleanup could also be needed by professional personnel or replacement of the corona wire could also be required.

The wires are placed within the drum that's quite inaccessible by the casual user and trying to wash them while not previous information or coaching will cause harm. keep your Brother MFC-9340CDW operating well, it’s higher to err within the facet of caution.

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