How to Connect a Brother Wireless Printer to a Laptop?

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect a Brother wireless printer to a laptop. I am facing some issue in connecting Brother printer to my laptop. Help me.

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Connect a Brother Wireless Printer to a Laptop:

Brother printer is multifunctional printer which is quite compact and reliable for home and office use. It simplifies your printing, copying and scanning work in the affordable rates. This printer is compatible for both windows and MAC machines. This printer also simplifies your work in affordable rates.

If we talk about the connectivity with other devices, you can Connect a brother wireless printer to a laptop, desktop etc. the brother printer setup process is quite simple for the laptop computers. This printer requires wireless connection and the laptop will simply require a bridge to send job to the printer.

This printer uses a secure network and access is only possible with the approval from the printer administration. Making the connection is possible in a matter of minutes and once it is setup, the connection will remain unless you changed printer’s password or security settings.

Laptop Compatibility and Requirement:

If the computer has a wireless card, then wireless connection is possible. This printer model is setup for the wireless communication. Most of the laptop is wireless ready, however an external card is necessary whereas older model required an external wireless card to establish the connection.

Now the latest brother printer model is also equipped for the wireless transmission within the network. Printer requires a hard-line connection to bring the network online for the full functionality.

Once it is online, one or more approved device can join the network and send job to the printer. Connection with laptop is ideal for home purpose but it also works for larger network like an office.

The only drawback to the connection abilities when the connection is hard wired and only location stabled machine are approved to function on the network. This is the security feature which is implemented by the administrator and the whole system is not common.

Brother Printer Setup:

In order to establish connection, both the printers and laptop should be connected to the same wireless network. You need to go ahead and connect both the device separately to bring them online. On the other hand, the printer can connect through hard line to the internet while the laptop remains offline. They must be on the same network.

When the device comes to online, you are required to download the printer’s driver on the laptop. We know that without the driver installed on the laptop, network connection will not be function. The brother printer comes with a cord to install the network or a key-code to make the install happen through their website.

You need to follow below method to install the driver on the laptop:

Step 1 : Download the driver from the appropriate website.

Step 2 : You will get a set of prompt which triggers to start the setup process.

Step 3 : Then you follow the prompt to the name of the network and locate the printer through the SSID Code.

Step 4 : The prompt will show the printer and you need to select the device simply.

Step 5 : Click next to continue the setup process.

Step 6 : After identifying the printer, your laptop will connect with the network and able to communicate with the printer.

Establish Direct Connection:

If you are not able to connect with wireless connection or in the event of failed wireless connection, you need to try a hard line connection to send quickly jobs from laptop to the printer. the direct line connection is an easy solution when you face an immediate need.

You need simply connecting an Ethernet cord to the laptop and the printer. This direct connection removes the need of wireless connection and save time, when you have no time to establish a wireless network connection.

This direct connection is very easy to set up with the laptop and desktop model computer. If desktop is connected already, you have to use the same cord to send the document through the mail and simply use the desktop computer to open and print through the existing connections which have already made.


Brother Printer Stops Printing:

Step 1 : Some time users face that brother printer stops printing suddenly, the most common reason behind this is network. Suppose if you have setup your printer wirelessly and you are not getting proper network, in this situation, your brother printer stop printing.

Step 2 : You need to verify that printer machine should be turned on.

Step 3 : Verify the connection with the router.

Step 4 : Confirm the configuration settings which you have done earlier.

Step 5 : Run the network utility software to resolve this issue.

Step 6 : Try to ping the brother printer machine through console.

This is a detailed document on how to connect a brother wireless printer to a laptop.

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