How to Fix a Brother Printer not Printing Black Ink?

My Brother MFC-J270w printer has started printing yellow ink instead of black ink. When I checked using color corrector, paper was showing yellow blue and pink color only. The first box should be black but here yellow color is showing. Can anybody help me why my printer is not printing black color? Any suggestions?

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Answer - 1

Fix a Brother Printer not Printing Black Ink:

If your Brother Printer not Printing Black Ink colors then -

A printer usually print the wrong color if you have installed ink cartridge at wrong position (slot) in the Brother printer. When you install an ink cartridge, the ink tube system gets filled with the ink that is present in ink cartridge so that the machine can prepare for printing.

But if you have set up the ink cartridge at the inappropriate position then the ink tube will fill up with the wrong color.

To Fix Such Brother Printer not Printing Black Problems, You have to Clean Print Head -

Step 1: First of all, check the positions of ink cartridges if they have placed at the proper position or not. For this, open ink cartridge cover and then verify the ink cartridges are in the correct order. Move to the left side and then check the order that should be like Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta. If everything is OK then close the ink cartridge cover and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: After closing the ink cartridge cover, you will see this message i.e., “Did you change color?”. Just press yes or no. If you press “No” then it will tell you how much ink is left in your ink cartridge.

Step 3: Move to your printer’s LCD panel and then press INK which is present on the right side. Then choose Test Print > Print Quality on the Touchscreen. After this, press Color Start to print the Print Quality Check Sheet.

Step 4: Now review the check sheet. The colors that are displayed on the check sheet will be in a specific order i.e., Black- Yellow-Cyan-Magenta. (left to right).
If the colors are in the correct order then press Yes on the LCD screen. On the other hand, if colors are in incorrect order then press NO.

Step 5: Your Brother printer will perform cleanings to flush out dried ink and incorrect color from the print head and ink tubes. This time Brother printer will go through a cleaning cycle so you have to wait for some time.

At last, just print a test document to verify if your Brother printer printing black properly or not.

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