How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Brother printer drum error. I don't about this drum error. Please help me in fixing Brother printer drum error.

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Fix Brother Printer Drum Error:

Let us begin and see the procedure to fix brother printer drum error. There can be two ways to solve the drum error in brother printers. One is to specifically fix the drum error, while the other is to completely replace the whole of Brother printer machine.

Unlike other printers, Brother printers have slightly different components which include the toner cartridge and the drum unit. Whenever required, ensure that you replace the drum unit of the printer and not the cartridge section.

Step by Step Guide to Resolve Brother Printer Drum Error:

Follow the below discussed instructions to fix the drum error occurring with your printer machine.

Step 1 : Firstly, open the front cover of your Brother printer.

Step 2 : On top of the button, there is a Clean button. Press the button once.

Step 3 : Press the Start button present next to the green color section on your printer top.

Step 4 : You will observe that the Display screen of your printer is turned off. If so, then press the Plus (+) button repeatedly 10 or 11 times.

Step 5 : Now, press Ok button on your printer. A prompt screen will be triggered showing the ‘Please wait’ sign.

Step 6 : Once all the above steps are completed, close the front cover of the printer carefully.

This way you will finally fix Brother laser printer drum error. Once the printer error is resolved, you can print the desired number of copies of your required documents.

How to Deal with 'Reset Brother Printer Error Drum' or 'Replace Drum' Error?

In most of the cases, you will get an error message stating the Drum Error. In order to set a replace the old drum and set a new drum, you have to open up the machine and take the center of the cartridge out.

  • Here you will see there are two devices one is what you call as drum and the other is the toner cartridge. Release the toner cartridge from the drum by pressing the blue tab while lifting the toner cartridge out.
  • Now, here you can replace the old drum with the new one. Remember that you have positioned the initial toner cartridge back to its place. Ensure it produces a click sound. Also, clean the corona wire by sliding the blue tab for two or three times.
  • Finally, adjust in the whole printer unit back into its place. Whenever you reset the drum count over a multi-functional machine such as this, you have to
  • Click the button clear back. Further, a prompt message will pop up stating as "Replace Drum".
  • Select 1 option for a Yes. That's all about the easiest way to reset and fix the brother printer drum error.

Printer brand, Brother always recommends its customer to use genuine Brother drum units for their home and work applications. Their laser printers are designed to perform printing at a defined room temperature that is tuned compatible with each kind of the specific toner specifications.

Every individual component of the printer is designed keeping in mind about the protection, quality, and reliability. Making use of non-branded materials while replacing the printer drum may seriously affect the complete hardware’s performance, print quality and the machine’s consistency.

A major point to be noted is that Warranty Card that you get with the original printer is not applicable with any problem or errors caused by the usage of unapproved third-party drum units or any toner cartridges.

Hope this answer is useful to fix brother printer drum error.

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